Auto robot and giant screen TV appear one after another… Understand the 2021 Baidu World Conference


Tencent technology news on August 18, the 2021 Baidu World Conference was held today. Robin Li, the founder, chairman and CEO of Baidu, first proposed the concept of “auto robot” and released Baidu’s “robot robot”. Meanwhile, baidu also released the unmanned car travel service platform “radish run”.
Baidu released auto robot
Robin Li said: “the future automobile will become” the automobile robot “, the future” robot “form will be very similar to a vehicle. Automotive robots have these characteristics: automatic driving, intelligent assistant, loyal companionship and self-learning. ”
Baidu automotive robot can serve people through three abilities: first, it has L5 level automatic driving ability, which not only does not need human driving, but also is safer than human driving; Secondly, it has multi-mode interaction capabilities such as voice and face recognition, analyzes the potential needs of users and actively provides services; In addition, automotive robots also have the ability of self-learning and continuous upgrading.
Robin Li further explained that the car robot has many unique services, such as its ability to understand people, arrange flights for you, etc., and is a loyal accompanying assistant.
Robin Li said, “the car robot is different from the car we imagine, but it will be more like a robot, which will also be the direction of vehicle evolution.”
Baidu released radish run
On the day of the conference, baidu Apollo also released the unmanned car travel service platform – radish run. Radish express combines the operation practice of Apollo in the past two years and can provide commercial operation and diversified value-added services to the public. Through radish run, users can hit Baidu Apollo unmanned car with the prototype of automobile robot. Robin Li said that it expects to cover 30 city in the next three years.
Baidu also released relevant automatic driving data: as of the first half of 2021, baidu Apollo automatic driving travel service has received more than 400000 passengers, more than 14 million kilometers of test mileage, more than 2900 automatic driving patents, and opened manned services in Beijing, Guangzhou, Changsha and Cangzhou.
Shen Shuan: Baidu app voice search recognition accuracy has reached 98%
Shen Shuan, executive vice president of Baidu group, said that with the support of AI technology, search functions have more interactive forms, from text input to voice, pictures and manual Q & A. the display forms and application scenarios of search are expanding, and the services that can be provided are more comprehensive and intelligent. At present, baidu app voice search recognition accuracy has reached 98%.
Small smart giant screen TV v86 officially released
Small smart giant screen TV v86 was unveiled at the conference. Small smart giant screen TV is a smart TV that can be controlled by full voice. It is equipped with 86 inch 4K HD, dual 120Hz high brush giant screen, matching 30W speaker and Dolby panoramic sound. At the same time, it is equipped with lifting AI camera, supporting video call, remote monitoring and other functions, and can realize cross device video and audio transfer.
At present, v86 has opened limited pre-sale at a price of 8888 yuan.
Release of small active noise reduction smart headset Pro
The small active noise reduction intelligent headset Pro has a built-in 12mm large moving coil and adopts strong neodymium magnet material, with the sound quality reaching hifi level sound effect.
As a smart headset, the small active noise reduction smart headset Pro also has multiple practical functions such as call recording and writing, intelligent assistant and so on. The endurance reaches 35 hours and the price is 399 yuan.