Technology Morning Post Huawei said it would not give up its mobile phone business; Aiyouteng official publicity off the shelf works of Wu Yifan


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Editor’s note: editor’s note: what are the important contents of this issue of science and technology morning post? Huawei’s rotating chairman said that Huawei would not give up its mobile phone business; New Oriental announced unconditional refund for students who have not started classes; Aiyouteng announced the removal of Wu Yifan’s works from the three video platforms; China plans to legislate to prohibit “big data killing”.
Big company
Guo Ping, chairman in office of Huawei: we will not give up the mobile phone business. Chips can be designed and made by ourselves in the future
On August 17, with regard to the current crisis of Huawei, Guo Ping, chairman in office of Huawei, said in a message to new employees today that Huawei has no problem in survival“ I believe our consumer business can survive, and we will not give up the mobile phone business. ” He pointed out that the United States’ stranglehold on Huawei does not involve Einstein’s problem. What’s the problem? It is a matter of cost, process and time. These problems should be solved by effective investment. Huawei’s decision is to strengthen R & D and investment. Solve the bottleneck problem, build and help the partners of the industrial chain to solve the problems of supply continuity and competitiveness.
Backdoor listing? Glory CEO’s latest response: listing is optional, and the details are not on the agenda
On the morning of August 17, waveguide shares announced that recently, there were rumors on the Internet that glory mobile phone backdoor waveguide shares were listed. Up to now, the company has not discussed with glory mobile phone, there is no listing of glory mobile phone backdoor waveguide shares, and the company has not OEM glory mobile phone. Zhao Ming, CEO of glory, said in an interview with reporters including first finance and economics recently that from the perspective of future company strategy, listing is an option of glory. In fact, whether it is domestic listing or overseas portfolio listing has not been put on the agenda.
Wechat responded to “palm swiping payment”: internal technology pre research, no test and no application plan
On August 17, it was recently reported that wechat payment is testing a new payment function called “palm brushing payment”. Users need to register their palms on the face brushing device and associate their faces with their personal wechat account. When offline consumption, put their palms towards the scanning area of the wechat payment device, and complete the payment after the device is confirmed. In this regard, wechat said: palm brushing payment is only the pre research of wechat’s internal technology, has not started the test, and there is no application plan at present.
New Oriental unconditionally refunds students who have not started classes, and has a variety of online and offline self-service refund channels
In late July, the general office of the CPC Central Committee and the general office of the State Council issued the opinions on further reducing students’ homework burden and after-school training burden in the stage of compulsory education, and the “double reduction” measures were officially implemented. On August 17, New Oriental announced that in accordance with the opinions, it would strive to strictly implement the work requirements of “double reduction” in terms of course content, teaching time, fund supervision and fee collection and refund policies, effectively reduce students’ Extracurricular burden and protect the legitimate rights and interests of students and parents.
Boss direct employment: it will be cancelled from September 1, and the salary of employees in large and small weeks will remain unchanged
On August 17, boss direct employment announced that it would cancel “big and small weeks” from September 1, 2021. After resuming the two-day break, the “weekend overtime pay” in the employee’s salary is still issued normally, and the total salary remains unchanged. Boss direct employment said that in the salary structure, “weekend overtime” accounts for about 20% of employees’ annual salary, which is also equivalent to a disguised salary increase for all employees.
Vow to take a share! Blue origin sued NASA for the lunar manned lander contract
Techweb reported on August 17 that on Monday, local time, blue origin, a space company owned by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, sued NASA in federal court for awarding the lunar manned lander contract only to Elon Musk’s SpaceX. The lawyer of blue origin wrote in the document submitted to the court: “this is to challenge the illegal and improper behavior of NASA in the process of awarding the contract.” The company’s protest submitted to the U.S. Federal Claims Court has been sealed, marking the next step in the company’s attempt to overturn NASA’s decision.
Works of iqiyi, Youku, Tencent and Wu Yifan
On the evening of August 17, iqiyi, Youku and Tencent video all issued a statement announcing that they would take off the film and television variety shows performed by Canadian artist Wu Yifan. In the statement, they all mentioned that they would resolutely implement zero tolerance for immoral artists, actively and strictly abide by the regulatory requirements of the online audio-visual industry, and actively fulfill the obligation of industry self-discipline.
Netcom Shangtang technology went to Hong Kong for IPO. Official reply: no comment
On August 17, Shangtang technology, an online artificial intelligence enterprise, was cooperating with HSBC holdings to arrange its planned Hong Kong initial public offering (IPO), which may raise at least US $2 billion. In this regard, Shangtang technology said that it would not comment on market rumors.
Blue origin is frustrated again! Chief engineer of lunar landing project changes to SpaceX
On Monday, local time, Nitin Arola, the Indian chief engineer in charge of the “moon landing project” of blue origin, a space company owned by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, has changed jobs and joined the SpaceX of rival Elon Musk. On August 16, Arola announced on LinkedIn that he had parted ways with blue origin and was looking forward to joining SpaceX. The latter recently won a $2.9 billion contract from NASA to send American astronauts to the moon.
Apple pay has accounted for 92% of the U.S. mobile wallet debit transaction market in 2020
In 2020, the mobile wallet debit card transactions of Apple pay, Samsung pay and Google pay reached about 2 billion times. The study said that this figure increased by 51% year-on-year, but Apple pay benefited the most, and surpassed the other two major competitors in various indicators. Apple pay accounts for 92% of transactions, while Samsung pay and Google pay account for only 5% and 3% of mobile wallet debit transactions respectively.
Smart new products
It is said that Apple has fully prepared the goods: the iPhone 13 series will be released next month

According to the latest foreign media reports, apple is making full preparations for the preparation of the iPhone 13 series, so that it can be put on sale as soon as it is released next month. The report mentioned that Apple’s first press conference this autumn will be in September. The new product released is naturally the iPhone 13 series. The iPhone 13 series will use a high brush promotion screen with smaller bangs. At the same time, it will upgrade the video shooting function, support prores and portrait mode video shooting.
Competition in the high-end flagship market intensifies. Iqoo 8 series is released with a maximum price of 5999 yuan
On August 17, iqoo officially launched its “future E-sports flagship” iqoo 8 series. The new machine is equipped with a 2K level screen and Qualcomm snapdragon 888 + processor. Iqoo 8 has two versions. The 8GB + 128GB version costs 3799 yuan and the 12gb + 256gb version costs 4199 yuan. Iqoo 8 Pro has three versions to choose from. The price of 8GB + 256gb version is 4999 yuan, the price of 12gb + 256gb version is 5499 yuan, and the price of 12gb + 512gb version is 5999 yuan.
Looks familiar! First exposure of Huawei Nova 9 certificate: double hole curved screen
Recently, a blogger disclosed that Huawei Nova 9 series is expected to be released in mid September, with 5g capability and more avant-garde appearance and color matching. Today, a group of photos of network access certificates known as Huawei Nova 9 series were exposed online. In terms of appearance, the front of the machine adopts double hole digging curved screen, and the rear ring is photographed four times. The overall appearance is similar to that of glory 50 pro. In addition, the filing information of the Ministry of industry and information technology shows that the machine supports 4G and runs Hongmeng operating system.
Apple offers Apple care + annual subscription options to new Mac users
Apple recently updated its pricing strategy for AppleCare plus for Mac, allowing new users to purchase extended services in the form of an annual subscription, rather than binding for three years at a time. About a month ago, the Cupertino technology giant was ready. But now, consumers can finally renew their subscriptions in Apple store retail stores, online stores, APP apps and telephone orders.
The “zhurong” Rover completed the established exploration mission
China’s first Mars exploration mission successfully landed on Mars on May 15, 2021. As of August 15, the “zhurong” Rover had operated on the surface of Mars for 90 Mars days (about 92 Earth days), traveling 889 meters in total. All scientific loads were started for exploration, and a total of about 10GB of raw data were obtained. The “zhurong” Rover successfully completed the established patrol and exploration mission. At present, the rover is in good condition, with steady steps and sufficient energy. In the future, it will continue to drive to the ancient land sea junction in the south of Utopia plain to implement the expansion task.
The crew of Shenzhou 12 astronauts will choose a plane to carry out the second extravehicular activity in the near future
According to the China Manned Space Engineering Office, the Shenzhou 12 astronaut crew will choose a plane to carry out the second extravehicular activity in the near future. The Shenzhou 12 crew has been working and living in orbit for two months since it successfully entered the Tianhe core module on June 17, 2021 Beijing time. During this period, the astronaut crew successfully completed the material transfer of cargo spacecraft, the management of space and core module assembly, and the operation of large manipulator; It carried out the first out of the cabin activities and extravehicular operation tests, as well as multi field space science experiments and technical tests, and achieved the phased work objectives.
Japanese enterprises shouted to the government: please take me on the moon exploration trip!
Recently, a group of Japanese enterprises collectively shouted to the Japanese government that if Japan wants to remain competitive in the budding space economy, it must take the commercial development of the moon more seriously. It is reported that the moon industry Vision Committee, composed of dozens of Japanese enterprises, recently submitted a proposal to Japan’s space policy minister Shinji Inoue, urging the Japanese government to strengthen cooperation with the private sector, promulgate measures to encourage investment in space business plans, formulate detailed rules for the development of extraterrestrial resources, and give enterprises more opportunities to participate in lunar exploration projects.
Other important news
In the third instance of the draft personal information protection law, China plans to legislate to prohibit “big data killing”
The draft personal information protection law submitted to the third instance of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress on the 17th stipulates the prohibition of “big data killing”. The draft makes it clear that the use of personal information for automatic decision-making shall not impose unreasonable differential treatment on individuals on transaction conditions such as transaction prices. The draft also stipulates that when personal information processors push information and commercial marketing to individuals through automated decision-making, they should also provide options that are not specific to their personal characteristics, or provide individuals with a way to refuse.
The State Administration of market supervision has made it clear that operators shall not use technical means to implement “one out of two” behavior
The opinion draft proposes that operators shall not use technical means to reduce trading opportunities between other operators by affecting user selection, current restriction, shielding and goods off the shelf, so as to hinder or destroy the normal operation of network products or services legally provided by other operators and disrupt the order of fair competition in the market.
Meng Wanzhou’s defense lawyer: there is no causal relationship between the risk of HSBC being punished and Meng Wanzhou’s statement
On the 16th local time, Meng Wanzhou’s extradition case continued to be heard in the high court of British Columbia, Canada. The defense lawyer representing Meng Wanzhou pointed out that Meng Wanzhou clearly told the executives of HSBC she met that Huawei and Xingtong were doing business in Iran, and Meng Wanzhou did not know how Xingtong remitted money in HSBC and how HSBC settled. HSBC violated the U.S. sanctions order because of dollar clearing through its U.S. branch. There is no evidence that Meng Wanzhou knows about the US dollar clearing business of HSBC. There is no causal relationship between Meng Wanzhou’s so-called “false statement” and the risk of HSBC being punished.
Wei Meng, managing director of frontline DCM, passed away after fainting in the mileage classroom

On August 16, Wei Meng, the managing director of DCM, died at the age of 32. On August 14, Wei Meng studied in the mileage leap power workshop and fainted in the classroom. According to the official announcement of legacy, on the evening of August 14, an outstanding professional woman and the mother of two children accidentally fainted in the classroom of feifeifeili workshop. She urgently called 120 at the scene and was sent to Chaoyang Hospital for treatment. As of August 15 of the announcement, the student was still in ICU, and the cause of coma has yet to be determined by the hospital. Tencent News learned that Wei Meng died in the hospital on August 16.