Musk: Tesla’s delivery volume decreased because there were big problems in the chip supply of Renesas and Bosch


Tencent technology news on August 13, US local time on Thursday, Elon Musk, CEO of electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla, complained that the company was facing serious supply chain constraints. The “biggest problem” was to purchase parts from the world’s two largest automotive chip suppliers, which was curbing its production.
Musk wrote on twitter on Thursday in response to the tweet of Cathie wood, CEO of ark investment management: “Tesla’s cars produced in the first half of the quarter are mainly for export, and the second half of the quarter is for the local market. As publicly disclosed information shows, we face extreme supply chain constraints in the supply of certain ‘standard’ automotive chips. So far, the biggest problems are Renesas and Bosch. ”
The chip plant of Renesas electronics in northern Tokyo, Japan, mainly produces automobile chips for companies around the world. A fire broke out and temporarily closed on March 19, delaying supply for several months. Last month, Renesas warned in its financial report that its chip supply would be very tight until the middle of next year. Renesas said in early June that its chip factory would fully resume production in mid June. Representatives of the company did not immediately respond to requests for comment.
The Reza chip factory fire, coupled with a large-scale power outage in Texas in February, forced many chip factories in Austin to close, exacerbating the global chip supply shortage. According to alixpartners, a US consulting firm, the global chip shortage will reduce automobile production by about 3.9 million units this year and cost manufacturers nearly $110 billion in revenue.
In order to increase production capacity to meet the growing demand, Bosch, a technology and parts supplier, opened a $1.2 billion chip factory in Dresden in June this year. This is the largest investment in the company’s history, mainly providing parts for automotive customers.
However, Annette Fischer, a spokesman for the company, said that this may still be unable to get rid of the general shortage of semiconductor components caused by various factors. In this tense situation, we are making every effort to support our customers and do our best to maintain delivery. For several weeks, we have been working day and night with our customers and suppliers. ”
In the automotive industry, musk is not the first person to accuse Renesas and Bosch of reducing automobile production. Ford said earlier this year that the fire at Renesas’s North Tokyo chip plant was a major risk to its production plans. Volkswagen said in January that it had held negotiations with major suppliers, including Bosch, on possible claims for semiconductor shortages.
At last month’s earnings conference call, Tesla said that continued supply restrictions would have a “significant impact on the delivery growth rate” for the rest of the year. In the second quarter of this year, Tesla delivered a record 201250 vehicles. According to the data, Tesla produced 32968 vehicles in China in July, of which 24347 (accounting for more than 73%) were exported, most of which were sold to Europe. In June this year, Tesla sold 33155 cars, of which only 5017 were exported overseas.
Tesla’s second quarter net profit soared more than 98% to $1.1 billion, an increase of nearly $1 billion over the same period last year( Tencent Technology (reviser / Jinlu)