Huawei launched the recruitment of fresh students in 2022, and the number of recruits will expand to 8000


On August 12, Huawei officially launched the global recruitment of fresh students in 2022, providing nine categories of jobs, including R & D, sales, finance, services and supply chain.
Ren Zhengfei recently said that 2021-2022 is the most difficult two years for Huawei to survive and develop strategies. In the business areas focused by the company, a strong team is needed to fight, and a sufficient level of troops is required to concentrate superior forces to win the “war of annihilation”. He mentioned, “we have enough money and enough space to accommodate the world’s talents and give full play to their creative talents. The number of fresh students to be recruited next year will be expanded to at least 8000, but those who come in must be excellent people. “