The first high-end machine after leaving Huawei, glory magic3 series, is released: starting from 4599 yuan


Tencent technology news on August 12 Beijing time, glory held a new product launch, and the long-awaited magic3 series smart phones were officially released, which is also the first flagship mobile phone after glory left Huawei. There are three models of the new machine, including magic3, magic3 pro and magic3 ultimate.
Glory magic3 adopts a set of deja vu appearance design, and has a highly recognizable ring lens design on the back. In terms of color matching, magic3 has four colors: bright black, glaze white, dawn blue and Chenhui gold. Glory magic3 Pro has three colors: bright black, glaze white and Chenhui gold. Glory magic3 Zhizhen version uses ceramic back shell and has two colors: ceramic black and ceramic white.
In terms of screen, glory magic3 is equipped with a 6.76-inch hyperboloid screen on the front, and its frame curvature reaches 89 °, which is almost perpendicular to the middle frame. This design also makes the side frame of this mobile phone only 0.55mm, accounting for 94.86% of the overall screen.
The screen supports 120Hz ultra-high refresh rate, 1.07 billion colors, HDR 10 + certification, dci-p3 wide color gamut, etc. it honors the color offset value of the mobile phone screen given by the official Δ E
In terms of core hardware, glory magic3 is equipped with Qualcomm snapdragon 888 processor, while magic3 pro and Zhizhen version are equipped with snapdragon 888 + processor. The latter is an iterative version of the former, which has improved the main frequency and AI computing power.
In the lens part, magic3 and magic3 Pro adopt a three shot and four shot module respectively, using imx766 as the main camera, supplemented by 64 million pixel black-and-white lens and 13 million pixel ultra wide-angle lens. The pro version adds a 64 million pixel periscope telephoto lens, and the pro version also has a TOF laser focusing system to help focus faster.
Magic3 ultimate uses an imx700 sensor in the main camera lens, with an ultra wide angle upgraded to 64 million pixels, an equivalent focal length of only 11mm, and a very wide field of view.
Glory has introduced the magic log video format into the magic3 series, which can retain more effective information in highlights and shadows, provide a higher dynamic range and reserve more space for later creation.
In the front lens part, glory magic3 series adopts a front “pill screen”, embedded with a 13 million pixel 100 ° wide-angle lens and a TOF lens, which can realize 3D face recognition and unlock the mobile phone.
In terms of endurance, glory magic3 series has built-in 4600mah battery, supports 66W wired fast charging, magic3 pro and Zhizhen version, and also supports 50W wireless fast charging.
In other aspects, magic3 pro and Zhizhen version support IP68 dust and water resistance, the fuselage has three mic for directional radio, and also supports GPU turbo X and link turbo x technology. In the system part, glory magic3 series is equipped with magic UI 5.0, which is built on the bottom of Android 11.
Finally, the price. Magic3 8 + 128GB costs 4599 yuan, and 8 + 256gb costs 4999 yuan; The price of magic3 Pro 8 + 256gb is 5999 yuan, and the price of 12 + 512gb is 6799 yuan; The price of 12 + 512gb Magic 3 is 7999 yuan.