Musk visited Germany to discuss the production of Berlin super factory


Tencent technology news on August 12, Joerg Steinbach, Minister of economy of Brandenburg, Germany, said on personal social media that Elon Musk, CEO of electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla, met with the leadership of Brandenburg on Wednesday night to discuss the production of Tesla Berlin super factory.
It is reported that Tesla is currently building a $6.9 billion Berlin super factory locally, but the production is delayed compared with the original plan.
Steinbach released a picture of musk and said that Brandenburg governor Dietmar woidke also attended the meeting.
Steinbach said, “the evening meeting with musk, wojdek, colleagues from both sides and me was very relaxed. We discussed the remaining tasks in an atmosphere of mutual trust. Thank you and your family for this visit, Elon! ”
Before Steinbach published this tweet, public flight data showed that Musk’s private plane had arrived in Germany and flew over the Berlin super factory before landing in Brandenburg.
According to Steinbach’s tweet, musk and local leaders discussed the remaining steps to put the Berlin super factory into operation as soon as possible. According to the image information about the stamping workshop of the Berlin super factory, Tesla is eager to put the factory into operation. Recently, the body of model y electric vehicle appeared at the factory site, indicating that Berlin super factory is debugging the production line for the production of model y electric vehicle.
Tesla has postponed the production of the Berlin super plant until the end of 2021, but the environmental regulatory department of Brandenburg has not given the final approval result, which means that the possibility of further delay in the production of the plant can not be ruled out, even until 2022.
Musk had previously regularly visited Germany to check the progress of factory construction. During a visit in May, musk criticized the bureaucratic problems in Germany.
Musk responded to a tweet on his personal social media on Wednesday. The article quoted in this tweet said that the opposition of local people in Germany to the Berlin super factory was weakening.
Musk has high hopes for the Berlin super factory, saying that it has a world-class paint shop and will become the first automobile manufacturing factory to adopt Tesla’s new 4680 battery pack. In addition, the model y produced by the Berlin super factory is likely to make it relatively easy for Tesla to enter the European market. Musk has predicted that model y will become the world’s best-selling electric vehicle in 2022 or 2023( (compiled by Tencent technology / Jiao Han)