More wealth was transferred to his ex-wife gates, who fell to No. 5 on the global rich list


Tencent technology news on August 10, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is transferring more wealth to his ex-wife Melinda French gates, whose current net assets are estimated to have reached $5.6 billion. After the couple finalized their divorce last week, they are currently dividing their property.
According to the data on the Forbes real-time billionaire list, transferring these stocks to his ex-wife is enough to make gates lose his fourth position on the “global billionaire list”. Gates now has a net asset of about $129.6 billion, slightly lower than the $132 billion of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. He is the world’s fifth richest man.
According to the latest filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Gates’s investment company cascade investment transferred nearly $2.4 billion worth of shares to Melinda last week. In May this year, a few days after the two announced their divorce, gates transferred $3.2 billion worth of shares to Melinda.
SEC documents show that Melinda has obtained 3.3 million AutoNation shares worth about $392 million. She now owns a total of 8.8% of the Florida based auto retailer. Cascade also transferred 2.8 million shares of Deere, an agricultural equipment manufacturer, currently worth $1 billion, and 9.5 million shares of Canadian national railway, also worth $1 billion.
It is unclear how much wealth Melinda will eventually get from gates, but it is certain that she may also obtain other assets from gates, such as shares in private enterprises or real estate without public transfer information. In addition, if gates holds less than 5% of the shares of listed companies, cascade does not need to disclose the share transfer. Before gates and Melinda announced their divorce in May this year, they had signed a private “separation contract”, which stipulated how to divide huge amounts of property.
In their initial divorce petition, gates and Melinda said their relationship had “irreparably broken”. It is reported that the meeting between gates and the late sexual assault criminal Jeffrey Epstein distressed Melinda. She began consulting a divorce lawyer as early as 2019.
According to previous media reports, Gates’ spokesman also admitted that he had an affair with a female employee of Microsoft in 2000, and the company’s board of directors investigated the matter in 2019. Gates withdrew from the Microsoft board of directors in March 2020 before the investigation was completed, although the spokesman denied that he resigned because of the investigation.
Last week, gates first talked about his relationship with Epstein. In an interview, gates admitted that dealing with Epstein was a “huge mistake”. Despite many uncertainties, gates and Melinda promised to continue to serve as co chairs of the Gates Foundation. The fund was established in 2000 and has become the largest charitable organization in the world. The Gates Foundation announced last month that if Melinda and Gates could not continue their cooperation, the former would resign in two years( Tencent Technology (reviser / Jinlu)