Xiaomi: technology R & D investment has increased at an annual rate of 30% in the past two years


According to Xiaomi’s official microblog, in the past two years, Xiaomi’s investment in technology R & D has increased at a compound annual growth rate of 30%. In addition to wired and wireless fast charging, it also has layout and output in terms of chips.
Lei Jun revealed in February this year that Xiaomi invested 10 billion in R & D in 2020, and Xiaomi will continue to maintain high investment in technology R & D in 2021, which is expected to increase by 30-40%, that is, about 13 billion-14 billion.
Xiaomi previously announced that mix 4 will be released at Lei Jun’s annual speech at 19:30 on August 10. This is the return of Xiaomi mix series after 3 years.