Amazon holds a lucky draw for vaccinated employees to get up to $500000 in cash


Novel coronavirus pneumonia, the largest online retailer in Tencent technology news, recently announced that it will draw sweepstakes for front-line employees who can prove their own new crown vaccine. The winners will receive a cash prize of up to 500 thousand dollars, and other awards include car and holiday packages.
So far, Amazon has been reluctant to force its 1.3 million employees to be vaccinated, but hopes to attract employees to be vaccinated through an enterprise lottery called Max your VAX.
On the same day, Amazon said that from August 9, employees in its logistics facilities will need to wear masks again, whether vaccinated or not. This reflects the severity of the spreading delta variant virus. Since late May, vaccinated employees have been able to work without masks.
Amazon has previously provided $80 subsidies to front-line employees vaccinated. The company urgently needs employees to meet the growing needs of online shoppers and provide more employees for dozens of new facilities that are about to go online. Many Amazon employees and their managers say the company is worried that compulsory vaccination will leave many people.
A total of 18 awards were set in the lottery held by Amazon, with a bonus valuation of nearly $2 million. This includes two $500000 cash awards, six $100000 cash awards, five new cars and five vacation packages.
Novel coronavirus pneumonia, Kelly Nantel, said in an e-mail: “we firmly believe that the best way to protect our front-line employees and communities from the new crown pneumonia is vaccination. We are proud to host more than 1100 live vaccination events to help our employees and their family members get vaccinated as easily as possible. ”
The company is not the first to offer prizes to attract employees to get vaccinated. This model has begun to spread in several states of the United States.
Amazon’s lucky draw is open to all its front-line employees, mainly including employees working in warehouses and other logistics facilities, but also including hourly workers in whole food supermarket, Amazon fresh grocery store and Amazon cloud computing service AWS data center.
Amazon shares fell 0.9% to $3344.94 on Friday. Novel coronavirus pneumonia has increased by more than 80% since the beginning of last year, due to the outbreak of new crown pneumonia and the blockade that boosted online shopping. Tencent Technology (reviser / Jinlu)