Ou FeiGuang: the company was criticized by the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, but it will not affect the recent non-public offering of shares


On August 6, oufeiguang announced that the company had been criticized by the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. The punishment was not a major violation of laws and regulations and did not constitute a substantive legal obstacle to the company’s recent non-public offering of shares.
Shenzhen Stock Exchange issued the decision on giving notice of criticism and punishment to oufiguang Group Co., Ltd. and relevant parties on July 27. The net profit of 2020 disclosed by oufiguang in the performance forecast on January 23 was significantly different from the actual audited net profit, and the nature of profit and loss changed. Oufiguang did not disclose the revised announcement of performance forecast within the specified time limit, In violation of the relevant provisions of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange gave a notice of criticism to ou FeiGuang, and gave a notice of criticism to Zhao Wei, chairman and general manager of Ou FeiGuang and Zeng zhaohao, chief financial officer.