IFLYTEK plans to spin off and list its holding subsidiary iFLYTEK medical


IFLYTEK announced that the board of directors agreed to plan the spin off and listing of iFLYTEK medical, a holding subsidiary. After the completion of this spin off, the company will still maintain its controlling interest in iFLYTEK medical.
IFLYTEK pointed out in the announcement that the spin off and listing is still in the preliminary planning stage, and the implementation of the project still needs to meet a number of conditions, including but not limited to obtaining the approval of the China Securities Regulatory Commission and performing the audit procedures of the stock exchange and relevant competent departments. There are uncertainties about whether the spin off listing can be approved and the final approval time. Please pay attention to the investment risks.
Smart medical business has always been one of the key tracks of iFLYTEK. In May 2016, iFLYTEK established its holding subsidiary iFLYTEK medical. On July 21, iFLYTEK said on the investor interaction platform that its smart medicine is generally in its infancy and continues to explore the product model of “software + hardware + service” and the business model of 2B + 2C two wheel drive.