The first “50 forum for young scientists” was held in Shenzhen: academicians and young scientists talk about scientific research and exploration


Tencent science and technology news on August 1, in Shenzhen full of scientific and innovative spirit and vitality of the times, dozens of academicians, presidents of well-known universities, more than 100 winners of “scientific exploration Award” and young scientists gathered at South University of science and technology to participate in the first “50 forum of young scientists” jointly sponsored by South University of science and technology and Tencent for multi-disciplinary cross-border discussions. The forum released the “top ten scientific and technological issues” proposed and voted by 100 top young Chinese scientists, which also represent their cutting-edge scientific exploration and judgment on the future development trend of science and technology. When attending the forum, Shenzhen municipal leaders said that Shenzhen is continuously strengthening the “four chains” coordination of industrial chain, innovation chain, talent chain and education chain, accelerating the construction of a gathering place for world-class scientific and technological innovation talents, welcoming more young scientific and technological talents to innovate and start businesses in Shenzhen and making new and greater contributions to building a scientific and technological power.
Chen Xi, chairman of the Scientific Committee of the first “50 forum of young scientists”, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and former president of Southern University of science and technology, said: young scientists are the backbone of the national science and technology cause. They have made valuable contributions to promoting original innovation breakthroughs and responding to the major strategic needs of the country. At present, interdisciplinary, interdisciplinary cooperation and system integration innovation have become an indispensable “accelerator” for major scientific research exploration. We hold the forum precisely in the hope of gathering the strength of young scientists, interdisciplinary exchanges, enlightening innovation, encouraging future oriented and active exploration of scientific “no man’s land”, and looking forward to more scientific breakthroughs “from 0 to 1”.
“50” reads “awkward”, but it reposes young people’s scientific dreams and breakthroughs
With the theme of “enlightenment, exploration and breakthrough”, this “young scientists 50 forum” aims to create an academic atmosphere for exploring the unknown and create a professional and authoritative academic event for young scientists. The “50” (pronunciation: 50 square meters) in the name of the forum has attracted the attention of many participating scientists and the media. The organizer said that “50” may be a bit awkward to read, but it is the final decision insisted by all parties after careful evaluation, because behind “50”, it represents not only 50 young scientists selected by the “scientific exploration Award” every year, It also implies cutting-edge scientific exploration and breakthroughs in the next 50 years, and hopes for the profound progress of science, technology, industry and society promoted by the cross “multiplication” of 50 people and 50 years.
As Xu Kuangdi, vice chairman of the 10th CPPCC National Committee and academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, who serves as the chairman of the Advisory Committee of the “scientific exploration Award”, pointed out in the video message of the opening ceremony: young people are the easiest to create achievements if they dare to think and break through“ The “scientific exploration Award” and the “50 forum for young scientists” provide a very good stage for young scientific and technological talents. I hope young scientists can do a good job in a down-to-earth manner and write their lifelong experience and contributions on the land of the motherland.
Xue Qikun, President of South University of science and technology and academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, delivered a speech in the form of video at the ceremony. On behalf of South University of science and technology, he sincerely welcomed the experts and scholars attending the meeting and shared the experience of discovering “quantum anomalous Hall effect” for the first time. He said that as a new research university with high starting point and high positioning established in Shenzhen under the background of China’s higher education reform and development, South University of science and technology has always resonated with the pulse of the country’s science and education development. The main force of China’s scientific research is young scientists. It is hoped that young scientific and technological workers will be down-to-earth, stand the “cold for ten years” and stand the “cold bench”, focus on major national strategies, work together to overcome the key core technology of “neck sticking”, strengthen the in-depth integration of industry, University and research, and contribute to national scientific and technological innovation and scientific and technological self-reliance.
The “top ten scientific and technological issues” of the forum appeared and opened the cross-border “group chat” of scientific researchers
A highlight of this activity is the release of the “top ten science and technology issues” of the 2021 youth scientist 50 forum, which was jointly sponsored and voted by 100 winners of the “scientific exploration Award”, representing the cutting-edge scientific insight of Chinese young scientists and technicians. The issues cover human consciousness, man-machine communication, the practicability of quantum computing Extraterrestrial planet residence and other hot fields of common concern in academia and society. The organizers said that the release of the “top ten scientific and technological issues” will become the “signboard” of the “50 forum for young scientists” in the future, which will not only gather the thinking and observation of contemporary Chinese young scientists, but also provide a scientific reflection on the reality and future issues concerned by the public.
Another highlight of the forum is the wisdom sharing and “group chat” dialogue between young scientists and senior scientists. Liu Zhongmin, academician of Chinese Academy of engineering, discussed the thinking of carbon peak, carbon neutralization goal and scientific and technological innovation direction; Shao Feng, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, introduced the major breakthrough brought by the original basic science with the case of tumor immunotherapy“ Chen Xuewei, Liu jianglai and Zhu Jun, winners of the “scientific exploration Award”, made academic reports on the topics of rice disease resistance and people’s health, dark matter and cosmic evolution, safe and reliable artificial intelligence, etc. Academicians Li Peigen, pan Jianwei, Wu Hequan, Tang Chao and other academicians shared the same stage with winners of the “scientific exploration Award” such as Liu Ying, Wu Huaqiang, Chen Lingling, Chen Yuao and Li Tiefeng, and conducted cross-border dialogue around the “top ten scientific and technological issues”, scientific and Technological Development trends and interdisciplinary integration.
The organizers said that in the two-day forum, there were many exchanges similar to the main forum, which crossed generations of scientists and opened up the boundaries of various disciplines. On the last night of the event, the “science night talk” was an “academic Party” specially designed for scientists, which could not only speak freely on academic issues, It is better to conduct cross-border “collision” on some scientific exploration topics.
The pain point of scientific and technological innovation needs to be solved by “combination boxing”
The connotation of scientific spirit is seeking truth, beauty and goodness. No important scientific or social issue is an island. For the solution of scientific and technological problems, especially difficult problems, we should not only have the wisdom and courage of scientific exploration, but also have the idea and action force of “people collect firewood and fire”.

Liu Ying, a participant of the “young scientists 50 forum”, the winner of the “scientific exploration Award” in 2019 and a professor of Peking University, said that the exchange platform such as the “young scientists 50 forum” is very valuable and important to young scientific and technological workers. The perennial cultivation and innovation of senior scientists, from profound experience to pioneering spirit, will bring the power of example and Inspiration of innovative thinking to young scientists. Liu Ying said that as mankind’s understanding of the world becomes more and more comprehensive and in-depth, scientific exploration and innovation not only need to introduce an interdisciplinary way of thinking, but also need to maintain the most authentic and pure curiosity about the world. In some cutting-edge and basic disciplines, it also needs the continuous efforts of several generations of scientific researchers. The cross-border exchanges and ideological collision in Chinese scientific circles like today will be a key part of this effort.
“We need to do our best to constantly try to solve two ‘pain points’ in the field of scientific and technological innovation in China: one is to enhance the original innovation ability, and the other is to improve the efficiency of the innovation system”, Lu Shan, senior executive vice president of Tencent, stressed at the Forum. The “50 forum for young scientists” relying on the “scientific exploration Award” is the continuation of this exploration, “which is a long-term commitment of Tencent to surpass business boundaries”. Lu Shan said that Tencent’s growth is inseparable from national development, scientific progress and social support. It is precisely because standing on the shoulders of scientific giants that Tencent can create new Internet products. As a digital technology enterprise, Tencent will actively respond to national policies and do its best to continuously feed back scientific research and give back to the society. This year, Tencent established a sustainable social value division with an initial investment of 50 billion yuan, hoping to promote social value innovation in basic science, rural revitalization, carbon neutralization, pension technology and public emergency.
Attachment: [background information] “scientific exploration Award”
“Scientific exploration Award” is a public welfare award funded and supported by Tencent foundation and led by scientists. It is for young scientific and technological workers aged 45 and below who work full-time in the field of basic science and cutting-edge technology in mainland China, Hong Kong and Macao. No more than 50 winners are selected every year. Each winner will receive a total bonus of 3 million yuan within five years, And discretionary“ The “scientific exploration Award” was established on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Tencent’s establishment in 2018. It was jointly sponsored by Ma Huateng, chairman of the board of directors and CEO of Tencent, together with well-known scientists such as Yang Zhenning, Rao Yi, Chen Xi, Cheng Taining, Gao Wen, He Huawu, Li bacon, Mao Shude, pan Jianwei, Shi Yigong, Wu Hequan, Xie Kechang, Xie Xiaoliang and Zhang Yitang.
So far, 100 winners of the “scientific exploration Award” have been selected, and have begun to continue to play a unique incentive role, so that young scientists can get the support of “providing carbon in the snow” in the critical period of seeking innovation but no final breakthrough. Many award-winning scientists reported that after winning the award, they were very helpful in project research, daily life and family support, and they were able to do research more calmly; There is also feedback from scientists that the award has attracted more attention to the original “minority” research field, making scientific research exchange and cooperation easier, thus strongly supporting the source innovation and frontier exploration of Chinese scientists.