Musk: population collapse or future human civilization faces the greatest risk


Tencent technology news on July 29, electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla and CEO Elon Musk of SpaceX, a space exploration technology company, recently issued a document saying that population collapse may be “the greatest risk facing human civilization in the future”. He believes that humans need more offspring to bring life to Mars.
Musk mentioned novel coronavirus pneumonia in a report published on Sunday by the Wall Street journal, which said the new crown pneumonia epidemic played a key role in contributing to the fall in the birth rate in the United States. Half of all States in the United States have more deaths than births. Preliminary estimates show that in the past 12 months ending July 1, 2020, the U.S. population has increased by only 0.35%, the lowest growth rate on record.
Novel coronavirus pneumonia affects the life expectancy of Americans from 2018 to 2020, Virginia said. In addition, a report published in the lancet in 2020 suggests that the threat of population collapse is quite real and cannot be ignored. In this report, the Institute of health indicators and assessment at the University of Washington said that there will be a serious decline in global fertility from 2050 to 2100.
This is not the first time musk has expressed his views on population issues. As a father of seven children, musk hopes to have a daughter. Earlier this month, he replied to a tweet about fighting “population collapse”. “The population collapse may happen to us, but we thank the kind-hearted people who are still making practical efforts to delay this trend,” he wrote
He added: “I’m trying to set a good example! Population collapse is a much bigger problem than people realize, and it’s only a problem on earth. At the same time, Mars needs a lot of people because its current population is zero. Human beings are the guardians of other life on earth. Let’s bring life to Mars! ”
Musk and SpaceX have been working with NASA to develop a “human landing system” to send the first woman and the first colored man to the moon. Although the founder of NASA, Jeff Bezos, has not given up the above goal.
SpaceX is also studying starships and plans to send humans to Mars within a decade. Musk once revealed in an interview that a manned mission to Mars could be launched as early as 2026. However, he also pointed out that there are many restrictions on building a self-sufficient civilization on Mars, which may hinder the Martian colonial timetableļ¼ˆ Tencent Technology (reviser / Jinlu)