Jobs sold $343000 in a rare cover letter auction


Tencent technology news according to foreign media reports, this week, two versions of a rare cover letter filled in by the late Apple co-founder Steve jobs were sold at the auction. The bid and income of paper documents are much higher than the attached digital copy (NFT version).
According to a website maintained by auction organizer olly Joshi, the cover letter filled in by jobs in 1973 was traded in cryptocurrency ether on Wednesday, with a transaction price equivalent to $343000; The price of a digital copy of a cover letter is about $23000.
When Josh displayed the auction earlier this month, he positioned the NFT version as some kind of experiment.
“Will this open a new market for scattered collections?” Josh asked on the website? Will this consolidate the status quo? Or will we see an impasse that makes us realize again that the two can coexist or even complement each other when we walk through the road of innovation in the next 50 years? ”
Over the years, jobs’ cover letters have been circulating everywhere, most recently for 162000 pounds (then about $223000) in March. In 2018, it was also auctioned once, and the transaction price was close to $175000 at that time.
Little is known about this cover letter. Jobs may have filled out this cover letter at the age of 18, when he was either attending reed college or studying auditing at the college. The computer master dropped out of Reed College six months later, but continued to sit in on various liberal arts courses for the next year and a half.
Early Apple hardware and jobs souvenirs often sold at high prices at auctions. Apple’s first computer, the apple-1, was very valuable. In 2014, a running apple-1 was auctioned for nearly $1 million.
The items signed by jobs are equally valuable because the apple co-founder is notoriously opposed to signing others( Tencent Technology (reviser / Lexue)