Huawei releases P50 series smart phones: equipped with Kirin 9000, it only supports 4G network from 4488 yuan


On July 29, Beijing time, Huawei held a new product launch and officially released the long delayed P50 series smart phones. Different from the previous generation, the P50 series has only two products, including P50 and p50 Pro models.
Huawei has announced the overall design of P50 at the previous press conference. This time, they adopted a design called “Vientiane double ring” on the back of the mobile phone. In fact, they divided the lens module into two. The P50 has three colors, including white, black and gold. The P50 Pro has five colors, adding pink and blue gradients.
In terms of battery capacity, Huawei P50 is upgraded to 4200mah and p50 Pro is upgraded to 4360mah. Huawei P50 series supports 66W Huawei wired super fast charging, P50 Pro also supports 50W Huawei wireless super fast charging, and the whole series supports IP68 dust and water resistance.
In terms of screen, like the previous generation of P series, the P50 adopts a 6.5-inch AMOLED straight screen with a resolution of 2700×1224 pixels, supporting a refresh rate of 90hz and a touch sampling rate of 300Hz; The P50 Pro is equipped with a 6.6-inch flexible curved screen with a resolution of 2700×1228 pixels and supports a refresh rate of 120Hz and a touch sampling rate of 300Hz. The screens of both phones support 1.07 billion color display and HDR technology.
In terms of lens, P50 Pro is equipped with a four camera lens module, including a 5 million pixel main lens, 40 million pixel black-and-white video lens, 13 million pixel ultra wide-angle lens and a 64 million pixel periscope telephoto lens. It supports 3.5 times equivalent optical zoom and can achieve up to 200 times digital zoom.
As a major improvement, Huawei has introduced a new XD fusion Pro super filter system, primary color engine and super dynamic range technology on this generation of P50. Among them, the new primary color engine technology can restore the color of the scene to the greatest extent. The new generation of environmental spectrum information acquisition system adopts 10 channel multispectral color temperature sensor, with P3 color gamut and 2000 + adjusted colors to improve the environmental spectrum resolution by 50% and the average hue accuracy by 20%.
In terms of system, both P50 series mobile phones are equipped with Hongmeng OS 2 operating system. Like the previously tested version, the new system supports features such as ecological card and super terminal on P50.
A more noteworthy information, Yu Chengdong confirmed at the press conference that P50 series does not support 5g network, but only 4G network.
In terms of processors, Huawei’s official website has also been exposed. The P50 is equipped with Qualcomm snapdragon 888 processor and supports 4G network. There are two versions of P50 Pro processor, one is Kirin 9000, which only supports 4G network (Kirin 4G all Netcom version), and the other is Xiaolong 888 4G (Qualcomm 4G all Netcom version).
In terms of pricing, the P50 pro of the Standard Version (white / Black / gold / Pink) starts at 5988 yuan and goes on sale on August 12. P50 starts at 4488 yuan and goes on sale in September. In addition, there are two special versions of P50 pro, of which the blue gradient is priced at 7988 yuan and the collection version is 8488 yuan, which are also on sale in September.