Former employees broke the news: Tesla asked employees to search for complaints against the company and musk and persuade them to delete posts


Tencent technology news according to foreign media reports, two former employees said that Tesla’s energy department has two special teams looking for various complaint information against the company and its CEO Elon Musk on social media. In addition to solving problems based on this information, they said, the team also tried to persuade customers to delete their posts.
A former employee of Tesla said that Tesla’s solar Department asked a team of more than 20 employees to search and review various customer complaint information on the website on social media.
The unnamed person left the company this year. He said that in addition to solving customers’ problems, the team also tried to get customers to delete their posts.
The former employee said that another nine person team was responsible for looking for complaint posts against CEO musk. This coincides with an advertisement for “customer support specialist” released by Tesla energy in January – the advertisement said that the candidate would solve the problem of “social media upgrade” for musk.
A former manager of Tesla’s energy department also said that a special team is responsible for searching various complaint information on social media. The manager had been working in the company until last year and asked not to be named. These former employees said: “they basically only look for complaint information related to Tesla, the energy department and musk.”
In addition to solving customers’ problems, two former employees said that employees were instructed to politely ask customers to delete their complaint posts on social media.
The first former employee said that they did not work in the two social media complaint information search teams. They are usually responsible for handling complaint information from Tesla customer service channels.
But they are also encouraged to search for dissatisfied customers on the Internet in their “spare time”. The former employee estimated that they handled an average of 18 customer complaints from regular customer service channels every day, so they had to find time to look for complaint posts on social media.
They said, “we have little spare time. That’s where we find it difficult to work.” They added that they were still working overtime during breaks in order to meet the deadlines for various work tasks.
The former manager said that for customers, posting on social media can sometimes get the company’s response faster than through customer service channels, so that the company can solve their complaints.
A Tesla energy customer, who asked not to be named, said that when there was a problem with their solar roof contract, they received the proposal from a dedicated project manager.
“She asked me to complain online… On Twitter or Facebook because she said the only thing the company monitored was social media sentiment.” The customer said. The customer posted on twitter, but said they didn’t know if it would be different because Tesla never contacted them directly.
A Tesla customer said that after he posted a complaint on twitter, a Tesla representative called him. But he said that no one at Tesla asked him to delete his complaint tweet´╝ł Tencent Technology (reviser / Lexue)