FF shares rose 1.45% on the first day of listing in the US, with a market value of US $4.5 billion


Tencent technology news on July 23, Faraday, which was jointly established by Jia Yueting, landed in the US stock market with code ffie after completing the acquisition of SPAC. It rose by more than 40% before the market and 23% at the beginning of the market. However, it broke in the early market, and finally recovered most of its early gains.
As of the close, FF rose 1.45% to close at US $13.98, with a market value of US $4.5 billion. The highest price was $17 and the lowest was $12.91. Compared with the new domestic car making forces, FF has a large gap in market value. On the same day, Weilai’s market value was US $75.5 billion, Xiaopeng’s was US $34.8 billion, and ideal’s was US $29.8 billion.
Bi Fukang, CEO of FF global, attended the listing ceremony. He said that FF’s listing is a brand new chapter, marking that Jia Yueting’s mission of creating FF has finally made phased achievements. “FF was born with unique advantages of China and the United States in both home fields and genes.”
According to Bifukang, FF calls all partners the Futurist alliance, which is composed of dozens of FF internal partners and thousands of external partners from different fields who have participated in the co creation and sharing of our value chain.
Six FF external partners together sounded the opening bell of NASDAQ on that day.
Bi Fukang and Jia Yueting did not ring the bell on stage, but witnessed it off stage.