Shuidi public welfare united with public welfare organizations raised more than 12 million yuan to help Henan flood disaster


On July 20, shuidi public welfare united with front-line relief agencies and charitable organizations, including China social relief foundation, Henan Red Cross foundation, Beijing Pinglan public welfare foundation, one foundation, etc., opened the donation channel of “rushing to help Henan flood disaster”, launched more than 10 public welfare relief projects, and raised funds to protect local people’s personal safety and emergency purchase of relief materials, Post disaster reconstruction, etc.
As of about 20:30 pm on the 21st, more than 350000 caring netizens have donated more than 10 million yuan to a number of public welfare institutions through the shuidi public welfare platform. In the morning of the 22nd, more than 12 million donations were raised. Five disaster relief projects, including one foundation, China Social Relief Foundation and Beijing Red Cross foundation, have completed their fund-raising targets.