Science and technology Morning Post Science and technology enterprises donated more than 1.7 billion yuan to Henan Province; Tesla will open its charging network to the public this year


Editor’s note: what are the important news in this issue of science and technology morning post? Tencent, Ali and other technology Internet enterprises rushed to Henan, donating more than 1 billion yuan; Bezos space travel, fellow passengers said not very satisfied; Apple responds to iPhone security concerns; It is strictly forbidden for minors under the age of 16 to appear on camera for live broadcast.
Big companies
Henan rainstorm, Internet companies rush to help! Tencent, byte and other 44 enterprises donated more than 1.7 billion yuan
Due to the continuous heavy rainfall in Henan Province, serious waterlogging occurred in Zhengzhou and other places. At the same time, many Internet companies, including Tencent, Alibaba and Baidu, as well as pinduoduo, meituan and Xiaomi, have donated money and materials to help Henan Province fight floods and rescue( AI Financial Society
Traveling with Bezos in space, the passengers seem not satisfied: the space is crowded and the time is too short
According to media reports, space passengers traveling with billionaire Jeff Bezos described the brief space flight experience: the space was too crowded and the flight time was too short( Tencent Technology)
Apple responds to iPhone security risks
Recently, in response to the issue of security risks released by Amnesty International, apple said that the above attacks are very complex, usually require millions of dollars to develop, are used to target specific users, and usually have a short “shelf life”. This means that for the vast majority of users, such attacks are difficult to pose a threat( Aifaner)
What should come will come! App store adds ads: apple is broken by Android
On July 21, the app store officially added ads to the search page( Thunder technology)
Tesla will open its charging network this year, and China’s electric vehicles are expected to benefit
In response to netizens’ concerns about Tesla’s self built charging standard on twitter on July 20, musk said: “Tesla built its own charging converter because there was no standard in the market at that time. Tesla is the only electric vehicle company with long-distance driving ability.”( First finance)
PSAC announced that the general meeting of shareholders approved the merger with FF, and it landed on NASDAQ on July 22
On July 21, property solutions acquisition Corp. (“PSAC”) announced today the results of 10 proposals deliberated and voted by its shareholders at the special meeting held on July 20, 2021. According to the voting report, all proposals related to the proposed merger between PSAC and Faraday future (“FF”) announced earlier were supported by PSAC shareholders at the special meeting( Tencent Technology)
Cutting edge technology
About 13 million light-years away: the second black hole image has been released with unprecedented beautiful details
The event horizon telescope (EHT) has captured the black hole at the center of the supermassive Galaxy M87 in the Virgo Cluster, making it the first black hole image in human history. Recently, eht published its latest research results in nature astronomy on July 19 this year, and announced another black hole in Galaxy a Centaurus( It home)
600 km / h high-speed maglev offline, Rouyu Technology: the seat carries the company’s self-developed full flexible screen
Recently, China’s 600 km / h high-speed maglev transportation system, which is developed by CRRC and has completely independent intellectual property rights, has been successfully launched in Qingdao. It is the world’s first high-speed maglev transportation system with a design speed of 600 km / h. As the cockpit audio-visual system supplier of this high-speed maglev transportation system, Rouyu technology provides the world’s largest mass production full flexible screen( It home)
800000 for a wedding in space? American company: it can be realized in 2024, and the tickets of that year have been sold out
According to the daily mail, space perspective, a Florida based company, is currently selling flights to its space capsule at a price of US $125000. By 2024, couples may be married in a capsule carried by a football field sized space balloon that can float 100000 feet above sea level, the company said( Star Ring Factory)
This 3D printing manipulator is super flexible, 90 seconds clearance, Super Mario! Dengfeng Science
Recently, a group of researchers from the University of Maryland have used 3D printing technology to realize single printing of a soft manipulator with integrated fluid circuit( Smart things)
Earnings season
Netflix’s revenue in the second quarter was $7.34 billion, while analysts expected $7.32 billion. Naifei shares rose 0.2% after hours.
After the U.S. stock market closed on Tuesday, July 20, as the beneficiary of the “epidemic economy”, the U.S. video streaming giant Netflix released its highly anticipated financial report for the second quarter of fiscal year 2021. After hours, the share price fell nearly 6% because EPS, the earnings per share index, was significantly lower than market expectations( Wall street news)
Second quarter revenue of lithography giant ASML is 4.7 billion US dollars, net profit is 1.2 billion US dollars
On July 21, Dutch lithography giant ASML released its second quarter financial report for 2021 on Wednesday local time. According to the financial report, ASML’s revenue in the second quarter was 4.02 billion euros (4.7 billion US dollars), a year-on-year increase of 22%; Net profit was EUR 1.03 billion (US $1.2 billion), up 38% year on year( Tencent Technology)
New smart products
Nikkei news: Apple’s iPhone will be 5g next year and its mini will be canceled
According to Nikkei Asia, all iPhones released next year will have 5g features and will not launch any new 4G models. The new iPhone se 3, which also supports 5g networks, will also be launched( It home)
Apple is developing a new ipad Mini with a15 chip, according to the report

According to 9to5mac, apple is developing a new ipad Mini and will officially launch it this year. It is reported that the shape design of the new ipad Mini will adopt a right angle edge design, and the overall feeling is similar to that of the iPad air( Global Tech
20 minutes full charge! Huawei P50 or use 100W super fast charging
According to the disclosure, there are three Huawei P50 series mobile phones, namely P50 Standard Version, P50 pro and p50 PRO +. The P50 standard version uses 66W fast charging, and the more advanced P50 pro and p50 PRO + use Huawei’s own 100W super fast charging, which can be fully charged in 20 minutes at the fastest( Drive home)
Realme GT master release: snapdragon 778g + top design from 2399 yuan
On the afternoon of July 21, realme held a new product launch, officially bringing its GT series new machine, realme GT master. In terms of appearance design, the most notable feature of realme GT master edition is that it adopts the classic trunk back shell of Japanese famous designer Naoto Shenze, and brings the industry’s first three-dimensional 3D plain leather process( Antu (rabbit)
Other important news
Central online information office: no minors under the age of 16 are allowed to appear on camera and live broadcast
In order to create a good Internet environment for minors and effectively solve the prominent problems of Internet Ecology, the central office of cyberspace and information technology has decided to launch the special action of “Qinglang · summer minors’ Internet environment improvement”, including banning minors under the age of 16 from appearing on camera and live broadcasting, and seriously investigating and punishing the behavior of “Internet red children”( Lightning News)
Later exclusive Lele tea seeks a new round of financing and plans to open 500 stores in 2023
According to the media, Lele tea is seeking the next round of financing and “remains open” to the specific amount of financing and valuation( Later (latepost)
Car circle Weilai car officially released personalized seat comfort experience plan, and will accept reservation from July 31
On July 21, Weilai automobile officially released the personalized scheme of seat comfort experience, providing four optional adjustment schemes for es8 users and ES6 and ec6 users respectively, and the charging price of a single item ranges from 200 yuan to 1000 yuan( (RIM)
Abb, an industrial robot giant, has acquired Asti and plans to set up its AMR center in Shanghai
On Tuesday, abb, a Swiss power and automation technology company, announced its acquisition of Asti mobile robotics group, a Spanish robotics manufacturer, aiming to expand its robotics business beyond traditional automobile business( Smart things)
The first half of the year ended for the three operators: the number of 5g package users approached 500 million, and the penetration rate exceeded 30%
Recently, the three major operators have released their operation data in June. All in all, the operation indicators have increased to a certain extent. Among them, China Mobile’s monthly mobile user growth exceeded that of China Telecom for the first time this year, with an increase of 2.722 million( C114 communication network)