Musk: two thirds of my personal and professional pain comes from Tesla


Tencent Technology News reported on July 22 that three bitcoin advocates, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and CEO of SpaceX, Jack Dorsey, CEO of square and CEO of twitter, and Cathie wood, CEO of Fangzhou investment, which is known as “sister wood”, On Wednesday, they jointly participated in the online conference “the B word” sponsored by crypto Council for innovation.
Musk said at the meeting that Tesla’s electric car and solar business may help bitcoin miners switch to renewable energy, but it is currently limited by tight battery supply. He also acknowledged that Tesla has yet to make its custom-made 4680 battery designed for use in electric vehicles or energy storage systems.
When forum host Steve Lee asked musk what the energy intensive bitcoin industry could do “to accelerate the transition to renewable energy” and “can Tesla energy play a role”, musk replied, “well, I think Tesla can play a role.” Marmusk also suggested that the whole reason Tesla exists is to make the world transition to clean energy. “I would say that I’ve had some pretty tough life experiences, and Tesla may be responsible for two-thirds of the personal and professional pain, which gives you a sense of perspective,” he said