Clubhouse is no longer limited to invitation, it is open to all


Tencent technology news on July 22, the audio social application clubhouse is changing its operation mode to attract more users. Co founders Paul Davison and Rohan Seth announced on Wednesday local time that the app will no longer be an invitation only app and will be open to everyone.
A spokesman for Clubhouse confirmed that there are about 10 million people on the waiting list to join the app, and they will be added to the app slowly over time. Now, anyone can follow the clubhouse link, join the creator community, or participate in any public event.
In addition, clubhouse also shows a new logo and a new app portrait, namely Justin “meezy” Williams, the agent of rapper 21 savage.
“The invitation system has always been an important part of our early history,” clubhouse said in a blog post. By adding wave after wave of users, we welcome new faces in Wednesday orientations every week and communicate with the community in the city hall every Sunday. We have been able to develop the club house in a mature way and prevent things from breaking up with the scale. ”
With novel coronavirus pneumonia, the Clubhouse has been developing rapidly. When the invitation platform took off during the new crown pneumonia outbreak, it triggered a wave of audio based social networking. Facebook, twitter, spotify, discorde and others eventually followed suit, integrating audio chat rooms and audio activities into their existing platforms.
The change of joining mode occurred one week after the launch of backchannel, a text-based chat function in clubhouse. The team now says that backchannel sent 10 million messages on the first day of release, and more than 90 million messages in the first week.
Of course, the opening of this app is under the increasingly fierce competition. As clubhouse expands its products and gets a long waiting list to join, other audio social products, such as twitter spaces, are also open to everyone.
If the clubhouse wants to compete and keep gaining new users, it has to make sure that everyone really has access to it. Initially, clubhouse only landed on Android system, and then extended to IOS platform. Now, the company has completed the second important expansion step, that is, eliminating any threshold for new user registration´╝ł Tencent technology reviser / Jinlu)