Bi Fukang, CEO of FF Global: FF 91 is expected to be delivered within 12 months, with the first batch limited to 300 sets


Tencent technology news on July 22, FF was listed on NASDAQ today. Before the listing ceremony, FF Global CEO Bi Fukang introduced FF user ecosystem. He said that the first batch of mass production FF 91 is expected to be delivered within 12 months.
Bi Fukang said that FF has applied for 880 automobile related patents, of which 550 patents have been passed.
He disclosed that FF 91 has entered the stage of pre mass production and will provide 300 sets in a limited amount worldwide. Only a few selected users are eligible to be invited to be the first batch of users.
Bifukang expects FF 91 to be delivered within 12 months with a reservation fee of 50000 yuan.