Traveling with Bezos in space, the passengers seem not satisfied: the space is crowded and the time is too short


Tencent technology according to foreign media reports, space passengers traveling with billionaire Jeff Bezos described these short space flight experiences: the space was too crowded and the flight time was too short.
Blue origin sent its first passengers to the edge of space on Tuesday morning. About 10 minutes later, passengers Oliver Damen, Bezos, mark Bezos and Wally funk returned to the desert in western Texas after only three minutes in weightlessness.
“I love every minute of it,” pilot Wally Fink, 82, said at the ceremony after the flight. I just hope it’s a little longer. ”
Bezos, the billionaire who founded blue genesis in 2000, invited Fink and his brother Mark to accompany him aboard the capsule. Oliver Damen, an 18-year-old high school graduate from the Netherlands, joined them. After an auction winner quit, his father bought the last seat on the capsule.
Back on the land, the passengers were jubilant and hugged each other. They opened champagne at the landing site to celebrate“ We went up and I saw the darkness Fink said he is now the oldest space traveler“ I thought I could see the world, but we’re not tall enough. ”
In fact, during the live broadcast, people could hear Fink say, “it’s dark here.”
At the celebration ceremony after the end of the space flight, blue origin shared the video inside the spacecraft. In the background, you can clearly see the clouds, the edge of the earth’s atmosphere and the dark space behind.
She said that in previous flights – parabolic flight simulating microgravity in space – Fink “could do more rolling and twisting. But there’s not enough space in the capsule for the four of us to do all these things.
The capsule is designed to carry six passengers, compared with four on the trip. In the video, people can see that passengers often collide with each other, they need to hold the armrest to rotate and flip.
“It’s much cooler than I thought.” Said Damon.
“Everyone on the ground is more excited than us.” He added, “we’re just having fun.”
Passengers play catch with orange ping-pong balls, and Bezos throws a piece of sugar into Damen’s mouth.
“The scenery here is different, isn’t it?” Fink said. They float through the capsule and stare out of the window.
Fink has been dreaming of visiting space for decades.
In 1961, she took part in an all female space mission called mercury 13, but the program was eventually cancelled – seemingly because of sexism. Later, she began a long career in aviation. In the video of blue origin announcing her participation in space flight, Fink said she had taught more than 3000 people to fly. But she didn’t go into space until Tuesday.
She said the flight was “fantastic” despite its short duration and crowded space.
“I love it.” “I can’t wait to go again,” Fink said
Fink is going to sign up again for the Virgin Galactic space flight. Virgin Galactic’s spaceplane offers a similar journey, offering about five minutes of microgravity experience. It is not clear when she will go on that trip( Tencent technology reviser / Lexue)