Second quarter revenue of lithography giant ASML is 4.7 billion US dollars, net profit is 1.2 billion US dollars


Tencent technology news on July 21, local time on Wednesday, the Dutch lithography giant ASML announced the second quarter of 2021 results. According to the financial report, ASML’s revenue in the second quarter was 4.02 billion euros (4.7 billion US dollars), up 22% year on year, but not as much as the 4.08 billion euros analysts generally expected; Net profit was 1.03 billion euro (1.2 billion US dollars), up 38% year on year, slightly higher than analysts’ expected 1.02 billion euro; Earnings per share of $2.52, gross margin of 50.9%.
Lithography machine is the core production equipment of chip manufacturing company. ASML occupies the core position in the field of cutting-edge chip processing technology. TSMC, Samsung and Intel are its main customers. In the second quarter, chip manufacturers’ orders for ASML lithography systems increased 75% from the end of the first quarter to 8.3 billion euros.
ASML estimates that in the third quarter of 2021, the revenue will be between 5.2 billion euro and 5.4 billion euro, the gross profit rate will be between 51% and 52%, the R & D cost will be about 645 million euro, and the SG & a cost will be about 180 million euro. ASML raised its revenue growth forecast to 35% in 2021 due to strong demand for cutting-edge chip manufacturing equipment and utilization software. In April, ASML’s revenue has tripled to 30%.
In EUV business, ASML’s first TWINSCAN nxe: 3600d system has been delivered to customers. Compared with TWINSCAN nxe: 3400c, the system provides 15% to 20% productivity improvement and about 30% coverage improvement. ASML is now mass producing euvs for memory and plans to implement them on the future nodes of three DRAM customers.
In the DUV business, ASML’s TWINSCAN NXT: 2000i (an ARFI immersion system) has set a new record of exposing more than 6300 wafers in one day. ASML renovated the 100th TWINSCAN, demonstrating the company’s commitment to “circular economy”. This year, ASML expects to ship 20 refurbished PAS systems (launched 30 years ago) and six refurbished TWINSCAN systems.
In the application business, ASML delivered its first yeldstar 1385 in the second quarter. This next generation tool can measure the etched device patterns, providing customers with a wider range of yield control capabilities. Compared with yeldstar 1375, yeldstar 1385 has higher accuracy and about 50% productivity improvement.
As part of its financial policy to return excess cash to shareholders through increased dividends and share buybacks, ASML also announced a New Share Buyback program of up to 9 billion euros, which will begin on July 22, 2021 and be implemented by December 31, 2023.
Peter weinink, President and chief executive of ASML, said: “our revenue in the second quarter exceeded 4 billion euros, which is within our expectation. The gross profit rate was 50.9%, which was higher than our guidelines. This was mainly due to the increase in software upgrade revenue caused by customers’ desire to rapidly increase production capacity. Our net bookings in the second quarter were EUR 8.3 billion, including EUR 4.9 billion from the EUV system, bringing total bookings to EUR 17.5 billion. ”
“Demand continues to soar in all segments and in our product portfolio,” Wernicke added. This reflects the market’s focus on increasing capacity to support the construction of digital infrastructure. The long-term demand is not only for advanced nodes, but also for mature nodes and memory. We are trying to maximize our production capacity. At present, we expect the revenue in 2021 to grow by about 35% compared with last year, and the gross profit margin is expected to be between 51% and 52%( Tencent technology reviser / Jinlu)