Highland capital donated 50 million yuan to Henan


On July 21, Zhang Lei, founder of highland capital, and highland public welfare foundation announced that they would donate 50 million yuan worth of disaster relief materials and funds to support the disaster situation in Henan Province. The first batch of funds and materials will be allocated and co-ordinated through Gaoji medical, a strategic investment and operation platform focusing on the field of big health.
Meanwhile, relying on the offline outlets of Gaoji medical chain drugstores in Henan Province, hillhood public welfare foundation urgently dispatched resources to organize the donation and distribution of drugs and disaster relief materials for the first time, timely delivered urgently needed drugs (mainly commonly used drugs and anti epidemic materials) to the affected people, supported the health and anti epidemic work, and prevented “a major epidemic after a major disaster”.
In addition, Gaoji medical emergency use of the advantages of Henan pharmaceutical supply chain and nearly 2000 Gaoji pharmacies, the first batch of donated nearly 600000 pieces (boxes) of anti disaster health materials (mainly commonly used drugs and disinfectant materials) such as sterilization, epidemic prevention and residents’ emergency medicine have been transported to the affected areas. At the same time, Gaoji Internet hospital will open up the free clinic channel, and provide targeted science popularization and free clinic services for the possible health risks after the disaster in Henan Province.