Bezos thanks Amazon employees and customers for paying for his space flight, but employees say they don’t want to thank them for asking for a salary


Tencent technology according to foreign media reports, Jeff Bezos thanks Amazon employees and customers for paying for his blue origin company’s space flight. But some Amazon employees say they want better pay and working conditions, not thanks.
One Amazon employee even said, “he should go to Jupiter and live his best life there.”
On Tuesday, about three minutes after flying into suborbital space, Amazon and blue Genesis founder Bezos thanked some of the people who helped him get into suborbital space: Amazon employees and customers.
“I want to thank every Amazon employee and every Amazon customer because you’ve paid for it,” Bezos said at a post flight news conference. To be honest, for every Amazon customer, every Amazon employee, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I’m very grateful. ”
For many employees who have heard what Bezos said, this feeling is not mutual.
A number of Amazon employees said that people seem to be less interested in the space flight. They hope Bezos can spend money on other things, such as paying Amazon employees higher wages.
“I hear he’s going to space, but to be honest, I really don’t care,” said an employee at Amazon’s jfk8 warehouse on Staten Island “I joked with my colleagues that he should go to Jupiter and live his best life there,” he added
“Of course people don’t rush to the TV to watch space flight,” said a warehouse employee in Amazon, Indiana. I think it’s a big deal for Jeff. But we didn’t get any benefit from it. We’ve been accumulating money for this 20 minute space flight ever since we did this work. ”
Amazon and blue origin did not immediately respond to requests for comment on the report.
Most of Bezos’ wealth is related to his holdings of about 51.7 million Amazon shares, which have risen to more than $3549 a share since Amazon’s IPO of $18 in 1997. Bezos has previously said that he liquidates about $1 billion worth of Amazon stock each year to fund blue origin’s operations, so those who helped Amazon succeed did fund Bezos’s space ambitions.
But some employees said they paid for the success of Amazon and blue origin, but they didn’t get a satisfactory return.
“I guess he’s thanking us for putting money in his pocket and making it possible through our hard work and sacrificing our bonuses and stock options,” the Amazon employee in Indiana said( Amazon warehouse hourly workers are not eligible for stock options or bonuses.
“I think he only said that because he felt guilty. He knew it was wrong to make money by enslaving workers,” said the Staunton Island warehouse worker He was referring to the exhausting and potentially dangerous working conditions of some Amazon employees.
Amazon has been aggressively cracking down on any effort to unionize its workers, despite evidence that unions generally raise wages and can help address racial and gender wage gaps.
As other critics of Bezos’s space flight, such as Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren and New York representative Alexandria ocasio Cortez, point out, US taxpayers also subsidize Amazon and blue origin.
Amazon relies on a huge network of contract delivery drivers, which allows it to avoid paying for health care, workers’ compensation and unemployment insurance. In nine States alone, Amazon has 4000 employees who rely on food stamps, which it passes on to taxpayers and other employers. Their payments to the social security network helped Amazon’s troubled employees.
Amazon employees interviewed by the media also said that they think Bezos should spend more of his huge wealth on solving such problems rather than pursuing his space ambitions.
Another current employee of Amazon distribution center said: “I can imagine that he can do many other things with the money spent on it, such as providing better wages and mental health services for beginners, the homeless and the poor.”
Vickie Shannon Allen, a former Amazon employee, said: “I think it’s very selfish of him to send himself into space when there are so many homeless and hungry people in the world. He can put an end to the homelessness and hunger of many people in the world, but he did not choose to do so because he was selfish. “( Tencent technology reviser / Lexue)