Zhang Chaoyang: Changyou plans to be listed in Hong Kong stock market in the future. At present, the commercialization of live broadcasting mainly depends on advertising


Tencent technology news on July 19, Sohu board chairman and CEO Zhang Chaoyang is about to climb the snow mountain and live. Before climbing, Zhang Chaoyang talked about Sohu’s positioning and planning for live broadcast.
“Sohu regards live broadcasting as a media, and our live broadcasting is an extension of informing and disseminating information,” Zhang Chaoyang said
For Sohu live business model development, Zhang Chaoyang said that at present “mainly rely on advertising.”. For example, the revenue of this activity mainly comes from brand advertising.
In addition, Zhang Chaoyang also said that its Changyou company has plans to list in Hong Kong stock market in the future, but Sohu is not sure yet. It depends on the specific situation.