According to the news, Ali Cai Chongxin’s $157 million purchase of Manhattan mansion is the third highest price housing transaction in the United States


Tencent technology news on July 20, according to people familiar with the matter, the most prestigious apartment building in Manhattan, New York, has recently reached a deal worth $157 million. The mysterious buyer behind it is Cai Chongxin, co-founder of Alibaba group.
Cai bought a two-story apartment at 220 Central Park South in two deals for a total of $157.5 million, according to people familiar with the matter. The move is believed to be the third largest sale ever in the United States.
The most expensive house in the history of the United States is also located in this building. Ken Griffin, founder of citadel LLC, bought a four story apartment in 2019 for $238 million. Tsai is also the owner of the NBA team Brooklyn nets.
The floors Cai bought are the 60th floor and the 61st floor, with a panoramic view of Central Park and downtown Manhattan. The deal also includes a single apartment on the 18th floor, which may be used by employees.
Thanks to novel coronavirus pneumonia and Griffin’s purchase, even in the new crown pneumonia outbreak, housing prices in Central Park South 220 continue to soar, and now they are sold over 90%. All the apartments Cai bought sold at a higher price than the original price. Last year, the transaction price of the 61st floor was $51.4 million, while that of the 60th floor was $50.9 million.
Since Alibaba’s ant group canceled its initial public offering (IPO), Cai Chongxin has basically withdrawn from the public eye, but he is still Alibaba’s executive vice chairman and second largest shareholder. Tsai’s net worth is about $10 billion, according to the data compiled by the index´╝ł Tencent technology reviser / Jinlu)