Science and technology Morning Post Apple makes cars or abandons Ningde era; Huawei’s share of 5g base station procurement accounts for 60%


Editor’s note: what are the important news in this issue of science and technology morning post? Meituan online “meituan taxi” wechat applet; Huawei’s 5g base station procurement accounted for 60%; Apple car abandoned Ningde era; Openai disbanded the robot team.
Big companies
Meituan online “meituan taxi” wechat app
Meituan recently launched a wechat app called “meituan taxi”, which is the same as meituan taxi app. It provides intelligent check service and 23 kinds of car models( Tonghuashun finance and economics Co., Ltd
The results of centralized acquisition of 5g 700m base stations are released, and Huawei is the biggest winner, accounting for 60% of the total
On July 18, China Mobile announced the centralized procurement results of 5g 700m wireless network main equipment. Similar to the previous 5g base station procurement results, Huawei became the biggest winner, accounting for 60% of the total. In addition to Huawei and ZTE, Shanghai Nokia bell, Datang Mobile and Ericsson (China) were all selected( First finance)
Beijing didi Jubao Technology Co., Ltd. was established with a registered capital of 5 million yuan
According to tianyancha app, Beijing didi Jubao Technology Co., Ltd. was established on July 15 with a registered capital of 5 million yuan and its legal representative is Wang Xue. Equity penetration shows that the company is wholly owned by Beijing didi infinite Technology Development Co., Ltd( Interface News)
BYD: at present, the entire series of pure trams of the company have been replaced with blade batteries, and are actively expanding production capacity
BYD said that in addition to the company’s flagship model “Han”, the company’s entire tram series have been replaced with blade batteries( Interface News)
Cook’s face is green! Ip12 Mini devalued the most seriously, with a price drop of more than 40% in half a year
According to the latest research report of sellcell, in the same period, the value preservation rate of iPhone 12 series is significantly higher than that of iPhone 11 series. Meanwhile, the iPhone 12 Mini is the product with the lowest hedging rate in the series, with a half year depreciation of nearly 41%( Thunder technology)
Focus analysis | abandoning Ningde era, Apple’s car building is still strong
According to DIGITIMES Asia, apple is selecting a battery supplier for Apple car, with Ningde times and BYD on the negotiating list. But Apple insists on using batteries made in the United States. If Ningde times and BYD are not willing to build factories in the United States, they may not be selected( 36 krypton)
Openai disbanded the robot team and tried to build AgI robot. Founder: This is the best decision
Recently, openai disbanded its robot team. Wojciech Zaremba, co-founder of the company, revealed in a podcast that openai has shifted its focus to other areas where data is more readily available( Qubit
Space Science Popularization
What’s Bezos’ purpose in his first space flight? Demonstrate the future integration of blue origin technology into orbiters
Amazon founder Jeff Bezos will take his blue origin spacecraft to the edge of space on July 20, local time. In addition to competing with British billionaire Richard Branson, Bezos has a more important goal in this flight, which is to demonstrate the technology of blue origin and integrate it into orbiters to the moon and even Mars in the future( Tencent Technology)
“Zhurong” Mars rover is about to launch a detailed exploration of the second sand dune after driving 509 meters
As of 23:00 on July 17, the “zhurong” Mars rover’s mileage has exceeded one hundred Li (509 meters) and is about to reach the second sand dune. It plans to carry out detailed exploration on the sand dune and its surrounding environment( China Youth Network)
Said the boss
Turing prize winner Judea pearl on machine learning: not just data
Recently, Judea pearl, the winner of Turing prize, a famous computer scientist and philosopher, published a short paper on his thoughts on radical empiricism and machine learning from the perspectives of convenience, transparency and interpretability( Heart of machine
President of virgin Galaxy talks about future plan: upgrade and test the spaceship at the end of summer, commercial operation is in sight
Virgin Galactic successfully completed its first manned space flight last week. Recently, Mike Mosse, President of Virgin Galactic, gave an exclusive interview to the media, revealing many operational details and the company’s plans from test flight to commercial flight( Tencent Technology)
New smart products
Huawei’s P50 series is coming, and it is said that it will start to warm up tomorrow
According to digital blogger @ Chang’an digital Jun, Huawei officials expect to start warming up Huawei’s P50 series tomorrow. The first thing to be announced is the warm-up time of the press conference, followed by the promotional videos( It home)
Suspected millet flat 5 engineering drawing exposure: with magnetic suction wireless charging pen, four speakers
July 18 news today, a suspected engineering drawing of Xiaomi tablet 5 was exposed, showing the product structure, material and functional components. This tablet code K82, uses the straight frame design, the rear camera is similar to Xiaomi 11( It home)
A plus Nord 2 rendering exposure, like a plus 9
One plus will launch oneplus Nord 2 and oneplus bugs Pro smart watches on July 22( It home)
Real pad flat panel rendering exposure: 10.4 “straight frame, rear single shot
July 17 – according to 91 mobile, the rendering of realme’s first tablet has been exposed. This product will be available in dark gray and silver versions, with straight border design, and hopefully support stylus( It home)
Cutting edge technology
The world’s first! American researchers convert paralyzed men’s brain waves into words
Can quantum error correction prove feasible? Google takes another big step towards quantum computer

According to media reports, Google has proved that its sycamore quantum computer can detect and repair computational errors, which is a key step in large-scale quantum computing( Smart things)
10000 HD movies per second: 1864 miles of cable transmission record in Japan
According to a paper recently published at the international optical fiber communication conference by a research team of the National Institute of information and communication (NICT), the team has achieved a transmission speed of 319 megabits per second on an 1864 mile long optical cable, which is enough to transmit 10000 HD videos in one second( Southern Metropolis Daily)
Other important news
Ma Yun is going to laugh“ India edition Alipay will also be listed, ant is the largest shareholder, or will be forced to reduce. So did Mr. Buffett
Paytm, India’s largest e-wallet, has officially submitted a public offering to raise 166 billion rupees (about 14.4 billion yuan). This proposed financing scale may make it the third largest listed company in India( Securities Dealers (China)
Nezha auto announced that it will reserve the right to pursue responsibility for malicious slander and rumor making by relevant network we media
On July 18, in response to a we media article that “360 company only initialed an agreement in the Nezha auto investment project and belongs to the spiritual shareholder”, Nezha auto issued a statement saying that 360 company and Nezha auto will reserve the right to pursue legal liability for malicious slander and rumor making by relevant network we media( Interface News)
Funeng Technology: decided to recall 16216 Great Wall Euler IQ electric vehicles
Funeng technology announced that it decided to recall 16216 Great Wall Euler IQ electric vehicles produced from July 7, 2018 to October 30, 2019 from July 16, 2021. The company only supplies the modules carried by the recalled vehicles. The main reason for the recall is that there is a matching difference between the BMS software control strategy carried by the recalled vehicles and the power battery. After long-term continuous and frequent fast charging, the performance of the battery will decline. In extreme cases, it may cause the power battery thermal runaway, and there is a certain potential safety hazard( Tonghuashun finance and economics Co., Ltd
It is reported that LG Chemical plans to establish a joint venture battery factory with Toray in Europe
On July 18, according to South Korean media reports, industry sources revealed that LG Chemical plans to set up a joint venture with Toray Japan in Europe to produce wet separators for lithium batteries( It home)
My play is gone! Renren video off the shelves, a large number of film and television resources
It is reported that Renren video has recently taken off the shelves all the non copyright dramas. The new dramas include rocky, the deadly woman, the attic, east city nightmare and so on, while the old dramas include modern family, desperate housewives, evil power and so on. Most of the dramas have been taken off the shelves and only a small number of over approved dramas have been retained( (Yang Yan)