Huawei official announced: P50 series will be released or equipped with harmony OS 2 system on July 29


According to Tencent technology news on July 19, the official micro blog of Huawei terminal officially announced that the flagship new product launch will be held at 19:30 on July 29. He Gang, chief operating officer of Huawei’s consumer business and President of Huawei’s mobile phone product line of consumer business, then forwarded the microblog and said that not only Huawei’s P50 series but also many new products appeared at the conference.
According to the previous revelations, the appearance design of Huawei P50 series is similar to the glory 50 just released last month, with double ring multi camera at the back. The two high configuration models are equipped with F / 1.8 imx707 main camera, with a focal length of 18-125mm, which can achieve equivalent 5x optical zoom.
It home has reported that Huawei’s P50 series may include P50, P50 pro, P50 PRO + and other models, and will first be equipped with Hongmeng harmonic OS 2 system.
According to different versions, Huawei’s P50 series screens are also different. Among them, the standard version is viscino’s straight screen scheme, the top equipped PRO + version is equipped with BOE’s latest drill like arrangement four surface display screen, and the pro version is a mixed Bi surface design.
It has also been revealed that the P50 series’s playing method and optimization of the video part are better than expected. Some new abilities in the process of video recording have improved the shooting. The color change and Caton phenomenon caused by the zoom of the video lens have been improved, and the zoom has become smoother.