“Flying sky” is around the corner! Bezos is undergoing 14 hours of training and the weather is favorable


According to Tencent technology news on July 19, US billionaire Jeff Bezos and three fellow travelers took part in a crash course of space flight training on Sunday to prepare for the first space flight planned by its space company Blue origin on Tuesday.
The launch site of the suborbital space flight is located in the desert area of western Texas, which is also a key test of the blue origin new Shepard launch system. The new Shepard launch system, 18.3 meters high, is a fully automated system of rocket and capsule, and is also the core equipment of Bezos’ plan to develop a potentially lucrative space tourism market.
The manned space flight is expected to take 11 minutes from the launch site No. 1 of blue origin. Crew members include the oldest and youngest astronaut ever: legendary 82 year old female pilot Wally funk and 18-year-old physics student Oliver Daemen. Amazon founder and current executive chairman mark Bezos and his brother Mark Bezos will also take part in the space flight.
This will be the world’s first unmanned space mission with all crew members being civilians. Blue origin expressed confidence in the mission at a news conference on Sunday. There will be no crew or trained professional astronauts in the capsule.
Steve Lanius, blue origin flight director, said: “we haven’t encountered any problems that can’t be solved at the moment. The new Shepard is ready to launch.” He added that the weather forecast was good for the launch at 8 a.m. local time on Tuesday.
Nine days before the launch of the new Shepard, British billionaire Richard Branson took off from New Mexico in a successful suborbital space flight aboard his space travel company Virgin Galactic.
Blue origin said the company’s training programs include safety briefing, space flight simulation, introduction to the rocket and its operation process, and guidance on how to float in the capsule after it is out of gravity.
Ariane Cornell, head of sales for blue origin astronauts, said Bezos and his crew had started a 14 hour training program on Sunday and would be ready to “experience a lifetime flight.”. Connell said Fink wanted to make a few somersaults in space flight.
The new Shepard launch system is named after the first American astronaut, new Shepard. There is no pilot in the capsule.
Like Virgin Galactic’s suborbital space flight on Sunday, the new Shepard’s capsule will not go into earth orbit, but the crew will be taken to an altitude of about 100 kilometers before the capsule returns to earth by parachute. By contrast, Virgin Galactic’s spaceship reached an altitude of 86 kilometers on Sunday.
SpaceX, the space exploration technology company led by Elon Musk, has promised to achieve a higher goal of manned space flight in September this year. A manned dragon spacecraft with all crew members of civilians will complete several days of orbital flight at that time.
According to blue origin, the Virgin Galactic spacecraft did not reach the Carmen line. But NASA and FAA define astronauts as people who reach an altitude of more than 80 kilometers above the ground, and Branson does that.
Bob Smith, chief executive of blue origin, said the next space flight could be in late September or early October. Smith said people interested in future flights “are still very willing to spend money.”( Tencent technology reviser / Jiao Han)