Branson’s got a fight with musk! It’s not just God. The super high speed rail will be put into operation as early as 2025


Tencent technology news on July 19, when it comes to future transportation, you may think of many scenes in science fiction movies, where everyone will fly around in private spaceships. However, not only has this never happened, we are still pouring into the dilapidated subways and buses.
Josh giegel wants to start from scratch. The CEO and co-founder of virgin hyperloop, a subsidiary of Richard Branson, a British billionaire, predicts that we can travel between cities in a few minutes, and the future is not as far away as you think.
Co founder and CEO Josh Geiger walks past the super high speed rail pipeline at the virgin hyperloop plant near Las Vegas, Nevada, on May 5, 2021
Recently, in a brief interview with the media, Geiger talked about how this budding technology has changed the way we live and work.
Q: mankind is facing all kinds of transportation challenges. Why do you think super high speed rail is the right solution?
Jigger: we are thinking about transporting more people at the speed of airplanes, so that they can go to the places where they want to live and work. Super high speed rail can carry as many people and goods as a 30 lane highway.
Q: how does super high speed rail work?
Jigger: we’re going to put passengers in the pipes, which brings a lot of benefits to people. It’s not affected by the weather, and you can avoid many things that can lead to accidents, such as crossing the road. In the pipeline, we pump out almost all the air, so you can drive at high speed with little energy consumption. We use magnetic levitation technology, so there is no friction, everything is non-contact, extremely smooth. With electromagnetic propulsion, each pod can hold 20-30 passengers, and we can transport tens of thousands of passengers per hour.
Q: you’ve actually experienced the super high speed rail model at a test facility in Nevada. How do you feel?
Jigger: from the garage seven years ago, to drawing it on a whiteboard, to sitting in it, it all gives people a surreal feeling. Taking super high speed rail is like taking a sports car. We will feel dizzy. However, the most important part of the test was that people saw two people get on the super high speed rail, and then they got off safely. Until that moment, everyone was thinking, “is it safe for people?” Now we know it’s true.
Q: how will this speed up travel between cities?
Jigger: it changed mathematics. See how long it takes you to cross Manhattan now, about 40 minutes! You can travel from New York to Washington, D.C. in less time, or even from Los Angeles to Las Vegas in 40 minutes. What we are doing is similar to building roads, ships and airplanes in Rome. The main purpose is to shorten the time related to distance.
Q: is there a timetable to start and run the super high speed rail?
Jigger: it’s not something that can be done in ten or twenty years. Cities can start to incorporate this mode of transportation into their plans now. I’m not sure where the super high-speed rail will operate in the first place, but apart from the United States, we are also looking at places like India, Europe and the Middle East. We may see that it can be put into use as early as 2025 or 2027.
Q: since virgin hyperloop is part of Virgin Group, how do you interact with Richard Branson?
Jigger: he’s a dreamer of perfection and believes that what we’re trying to do is right. What I like about Branson is that he is not only a self-made man, but also an adventurer. We are not only building a new transportation system, but also trying to attract passengers to do something new. That’s what he does, from Virgin Atlantic to virgin cruise to virgin galaxy. He knows how to build customer recognition and loyalty.
Q: if super high speed rail becomes popular, will it change the way people live and work?
Giggle: 100% of the time. I have a two-year-old son whose lifestyle is totally different from what we can imagine. If you imagine the city of the future, people may live in one area and work in other areas. We have seen this novel coronavirus pneumonia. My dream is to live near Yosemite and work with my team in Los Angeles. Super high speed rail can give you both.
Q: what do you want people to know about this technology?
Jigger: big ideas don’t have to take long. You can turn a garage project into the idea of “landing on the moon” in a few years, and hundreds of millions of people may ride on the super high speed rail in the next decade. For those who think it will take many years for this technology to be realized, I have already experienced that super high speed rail will not be far away´╝ł Tencent technology reviser / Jinlu)