Besos first flight with fire Tourism: hotels near the launch site are overcrowded


On Tuesday, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos plans to take a spaceship to the edge of space with his brother and two other passengers, Tencent technology reported on July 19. The launch will take place at a launch site near Van Horn, a small town in Texas. With the ban on the launch date, Van Horn has become the focus and the hotel is even more crowded.
“Now that all the hotel rooms are fully booked, many people are forced to live further away in El Paso and marfa,” Van Horn mayor Becky Brewster said Lyndon McDonald, head of Van Horn’s Volunteer Fire Department, added: “motels are full, too.”
Jesse Olivas, owner of a local RV Hotel, said: “Van Horn’s accommodation is almost full. But I still have a lot of space. I have five acres of land where people can camp in tents. My limousine bed starts at $175 a night and the cost of a tent is only $20 a night. ”
Olivas, who started advertising six days before the launch of blue genesis, has found homeowners among those desperate to find accommodation in Van Horn. Olivas wants his motel “to be lively,” a park just outside Van Horn, between the town and the airport in calberson county.
According to local media reports, Van Horn, with a population of about 2000, is about 20 miles (32 kilometers) from blue origin’s launch site and about 30 kilometers away from the public’s permission to watch the launch. A lot of people on Interstate 10 drive through here and go to other places, but Tuesday’s launch is expected to attract large crowds. “When Van Horn gets attention, a lot of people get excited about it, and it’s going to benefit them financially,” said Oscar Carrillo, calberson County Sheriff
This historic ranch town is about 200 kilometers east of El Paso. North of here, there are a lot of oil and gas resources, which is the traditional economic base of Texas. But now the region is an important part of the modern private space race.
Since 2000, Bezos’ Blue origin has been operating quietly here. Only recently did the company put up a sign at the entrance to the launch facility. Even so, the residents of Van Horn already know when the test flight will take place. “We know there are major events in the pipeline,” Carrillo said. We see blue origin employees flocking to support their launch, even though they have launched many times. ”
Blue origin’s first manned launch is a high-profile event, including the auction of a seat on the spacecraft. GILDA Morales, a carberson county councilor who owns cactus bars and barbecue shops, said: “a lot of local residents are forced to leave and go to big cities to look for jobs, and our population is always shrinking. Once young children graduated, but almost no one wants to come back, and the older generation is dying. ”
Morales returned home to take care of her elderly parents. Every five years, those who move out come back for a ceremony called Jubilee, a reunion of Van Horn high school graduates. This year, the event coincided with the manned launch of blue origin. “I think we have to pinch ourselves because we saw Van Horn on TV,” Morales said. Then when you go out, you can say loudly that it is your hometown. ”
Morales hopes that more young people can create a future in their hometown. “If there are high paying jobs like joining blue origin, why don’t young people stay here?” she said? Why go to a bigger town? ”
Blue origin has 275 employees in western Texas, but it did not say how many live in Van Horn or what type of work they do. There are another 50 contractors on site, providing a series of services from catering to maintenance work. For weeks, all the hotels in the town have been overcrowded, and restaurants are busy providing food for everyone who comes to see Bezos fly.
In a place where people know each other, Morales and others are looking forward to the opportunity to meet Bezos himself. “We’ve seen him on TV, but we want to get to know him,” Morales said. I believe he is a very good person, but it is not easy for us to see him. I guess, as a billionaire, people will be courting him. You know, we just want to get to know him´╝ł Tencent technology reviser / Jinlu)