Apple is tightening its telecommuting policy: some employees say they want to quit


Tencent technology news on July 16, Apple employees said that after the company launched a new mixed work mode, remote work requests are more difficult to obtain approval than ever before, and the mode will require Apple employees to return to the office three days a week from early September. Many employees said they would resign if Apple did not change its tough stance.
Although Apple has always discouraged employees from working from home, there are some “exceptions”, some teams are more flexible than others. Now, employees say even those exceptions have been rejected. On the slack channel, where Apple employees advocate telecommuting, about 10 people said they had resigned because of the company’s mixed work policy, or knew other people who were forced to resign. The slack channel currently has more than 6000 members.
In a survey on telecommuting conducted by Apple employees in June, 36.7% of respondents said they were worried about having to leave Apple due to lack of flexibility.
The recovery plan has become a tipping point for apple. In June this year, Apple announced a mixed work schedule. Starting from September, employees will return to the office to work three days a week. This is a change to normal business operation after the epidemic forces employees to work from home for a long time. Apple employees then issued an open letter asking Tim Cook, Apple’s chief executive, to reassess the hybrid model.
In the open letter, these employees requested to continue to maintain a more flexible way of working, and elaborated a series of benefits brought by working from home, including better diversity and inclusiveness, breaking the previous communication barriers, finding a better balance between work and life, and reducing the spread of pathogens.
However, this request was flatly rejected. In a video response, Deirdre O’Brien, Apple’s senior vice president of retail and human resources, said face-to-face collaboration was “crucial” and said the company would not abandon its current practice. Apple’s corporate ideology has long believed that the cooperation of employees is an important part of innovation. Steve Jobs, the late co-founder of apple, is a strong supporter of this idea. He helped design the main building of Apple park to promote casual meeting and communication.
While Apple employees in other jobs certainly have more flexibility than retail employees, some say the company is out of place with other big technology companies in Silicon Valley, and Twitter and Facebook have announced policies to support permanent work from home. Apple employees say they have received a lot of recruitment information from other technology companies that are looking at potential opportunities.
An apple employee said they are currently allowed to work from home under the ADA, but the company has given notice that when they return to the office, they will no longer be allowed to do so. “I’m going to lose my job in September,” they wrote on slack If an employee’s current team refuses to provide medical accommodation, apple usually gives the employee 30 days to find a new job in the company. But one employee said there were no remote job openings.
Many employees said they were told that only those who were medically qualified would be allowed to work permanently. But the application form for this kind of qualification requires employees to provide medical records to the company, which makes many people feel uncomfortable. Now, employees are discussing how to get Apple’s top management’s attention. Some suggest writing another letter reiterating their concerns, while others want lawyers to take legal action´╝ł Tencent technology reviser / Jinlu)