Technology Morning Post Huawei recruits 2.01 million annual salary of “gifted youth”; Zhang Jindong resigns as chairman of Suning e-buy


Editor’s note: what have happened in today’s science and technology circle? Zhang Jindong resigned as chairman of Suning e-buy; Liao Jianwen, Chief Strategic Officer of Jingdong group, retired due to physical reasons; Huawei recruits 2.01 million annual salary of “gifted youth”; Jinshan software applied for another 10 “Lei Jun” trademarks; Lei Jun visited SAIC headquarters; Domestic model y orders are scheduled to September.
Big companies
Huawei recruits another 2.01 million yuan of “gifted youth”: Huazhong University has selected six people, Ren Zhengfei said they can afford it!
On July 12, it was reported that recently, two more graduates from Huazhong University of science and technology were selected as Huawei’s “gifted teenagers”. Within three years, six graduates from Huazhong University of science and technology have been selected and received an enviable annual salary of one million yuan. Liao Minghui and Wu Minyan, who were selected this year, are from the school of telecommunications and the school of computer science of Huazhong University of science and technology. Liao Minghui is a fresh doctoral graduate and has received the highest annual salary of 2.01 million yuan; Wu Minyan graduated from university with an annual salary of over one million yuan( (times weekly)
Zhang Jindong resigned as chairman of Suning e-buy and nominated Zhang Kangyang as a candidate for non independent director
On July 12, Suning e-buy issued a resolution of the board meeting, announcing that Zhang Jindong resigned as the chairman of Suning e-buy. Before the appointment of the new chairman, Ren Jun will perform the duties of chairman until the company completes the election of the new chairman. According to the announcement, Huang mingduan, Xian handi, Cao Qun and Zhang Kangyang are the candidates for non independent directors of the company after deliberation and approval. Their term of office starts from the date of deliberation and approval at the general meeting of shareholders and ends at the expiration of the term of office of the current board of directors( (front line)
First line: Liao Jianwen, Chief Strategic Officer of Jingdong group, retired due to physical reasons
On July 12, Jingdong group released an internal document, in which Liao Jianwen, the group’s Chief Strategic Officer, applied for personal retirement due to physical reasons. The company’s management said that they would respect their wishes, and the company would fully support Liao Jianwen’s physical treatment and rehabilitation. In the future, Liao Jianwen will continue to support and guide Jingdong’s strategic development as an honorary consultant of the group( (front line)
Jinshan software applied for another 10 “Lei Jun” trademarks, involving tobacco and other international classifications
According to the news on July 12, tianyancha app shows that recently, Beijing Jinshan Software Co., Ltd. has applied for 10 “Lei Jun” trademarks in one breath, including 34 tobacco sets, 29 food, 40 material processing, 26 buttons and zippers, and 42 website services. Currently, the trademark status is in application. According to public information, Lei Jun is currently chairman of Jinshan software company and CEO of Xiaomi technology. He used to be the executive director and vice chairman of the board of directors of Jinshan company and a famous angel investor. On July 11, 2011, the nomination committee of Jinshan software board nominated Lei Jun as its chairman( AI Financial Society
Xiaomi enters the field of electric vehicles! Lei Jun visits SAIC headquarters
On July 12, a netizen recently photographed Lei Jun, founder of Xiaomi, chairman and CEO of Xiaomi group, visiting SAIC headquarters. Before that, Lei Jun inspected many well-known auto companies such as BYD, great wall and Wuling, and some bloggers joked: “if you go on shopping like this, Mr. Lei will finish watching all the auto companies.”. In March this year, Lei Jun announced at the new product launch of Xiaomi that Xiaomi has officially entered the field of electric vehicles, and Xiaomi car making is also Lei Jun’s last major entrepreneurial project in his life( Drive home)
Domestic model y orders scheduled to September Tesla big price triggered a chain reaction in the car market
On July 12, it was reported that Tesla recently launched the model y standard endurance version, which only sold for 276000 yuan. Compared with the previous long endurance version and the performance high-performance version, the price of the model y standard endurance version decreased by 71900 yuan and 100000 yuan, respectively. The decline rate exceeded the market expectation. As a result, the reservation volume of model y was really hot. It is reported that the current car order is expected to be delivered as soon as September( (Securities Daily)
Xiaobing company completed a new round of a-round financing, with an estimated value of over US $1 billion
On July 12, it was reported that the artificial intelligence platform company “Xiaobing company” had completed round a financing. This round of financing was led by hillhood, followed by Wuyuan, Neumann, IDG, GGV Jiyuan capital and the last round of investors, Aurora Borealis and NetEase. While completing a new round of financing, Xiaobing also announced the release of super natural voice technology, which improves the naturalness of AI voice to a level that is difficult to distinguish from real human beings, and supports universal global scenes. As for the size of the company today, Xiaobing said that “the current valuation has exceeded the scale of Unicorn (US $1 billion)( (MGX)
Betta announces termination of merger with tiger tooth
On July 12, douyu announced the termination of its merger agreement with Huya, saying it respects and will abide by the decision of China’s State Administration of market supervision. Previously, the State Administration of market supervision prohibited the merger of tiger tooth company and Betta International Holding Co., Ltd( Product (play)
Great Wall Euler electric car frequent spontaneous combustion! Charging station is afraid: don’t come here to charge
According to the news on July 12, a group of pictures uploaded by netizens showed that a notice for “Great Wall Euler” was posted on the charging pile of a charging station. It shows: in view of the Great Wall Euler electric vehicles in Taiyuan has occurred several spontaneous combustion accidents, from now on, our station will suspend the charging service for the Great Wall Euler users, please understand. It can be seen from its description that the charging station stopped providing charging service because of frequent spontaneous combustion accidents of Great Wall Euler in recent years( Drive home)
IDC: PC continues to be hot, Lenovo ranks first in the world
On July 12, IDC, a well-known market research institution, released the report on the global PC market in the second quarter of 2021. According to the report, the global PC market continued to rise, with 83.6 million pcs shipped in the second quarter, a year-on-year increase of 13.2%, and the growth rate of desktop computers also exceeded that of laptops. In the same quarter, the shipment volume of China Lenovo Group broke through the 20 million mark, with a year-on-year increase of 14.9%, exceeding the average level of the industry, and its market share reached 23.9%, reversing HP’s position as the first in the world( Drive home)
New smart products
IPhone 13 Pro / Pro Max continues to dominate lidar scanner

On July 12, Dylan DKT, the digital field’s top informant, disclosed new intelligence about iPhone 13. According to him, lidar (laser radar scanner) will still be carried only by Pro Series in this generation, but not ordinary version. Lidar can measure the distance from the surrounding objects indoors or outdoors, with a range of up to 5 meters. Lidar can also enhance the augmented reality experience and optimize motion capture by cooperating with other sensors and core processors( Pacific computer network
The world’s first snapdragon 888 is really full screen! Samsung Galaxy Z fold 3 enters MIIT
On July 12, according to @ digital chat station, a well-known news blogger, Samsung Galaxy Z fold 3 has recently passed the certification of the Ministry of industry and information technology, which shows that the machine will be equipped with 6.2 “+ 7.5” high brush folding screen, built-in 4500mAh battery, and support 25W fast charging. This charging power can only be regarded as slow charging now. It is reported that Samsung Galaxy Z fold 3 will be equipped with the flagship processor of Qualcomm snapdragon 888, which will also make it the world’s first flagship model equipped with front-end camera under screen( Drive home)
New ipad Mini released this fall
On July 12, it was reported that the new ipad Mini will be released this autumn, which means a full screen design without home button and a narrower frame. The overall design of the new ipad Mini is similar to that of the iPad air and is equipped with better chips, which will be the biggest change in the history of the ipad Mini. People concerned predict that apple is continuing to develop Apple chip IMAC with larger screen and replace the current 27 inch IMAC( Global Tech
Samsung Galaxy S22 is expected to be equipped with Olympus 200 megapixel camera
On July 12, according to foreign media sammobile, several South Korean informants recently revealed that the Samsung Galaxy S22 flagship mobile phone, which will be released in 2022, is expected to cooperate with Olympus, a Japanese optical manufacturer, for the first time to bring 200 million pixel main camera. According to previous reports, the next generation of S22 series mobile phones are expected to include the Standard Version, S22 +, S22 ultra models. The size of S22 + will be smaller, and the S22 ultra will be equipped with a rear 5 camera( It home)
Other news
The Interim Measures for the management of online car Hailing will be revised: the fine for unlicensed drivers will be greatly reduced, from a minimum of 10000 yuan to a minimum of 200 yuan
On July 12, it was reported that the Ministry of transport planned to revise two departmental regulations, namely, the “measures for dynamic supervision and management of road transport vehicles” and the “Interim Measures for management of online booking taxi business services”. According to the current interim measures for the management of online car hailing, drivers who have not obtained online car Hailing or vehicle license will face a fine of more than 10000 yuan and less than 30000 yuan. The amount of fine has been greatly reduced in the draft, which reflects the humanization of administrative law enforcement( 21st century economic report)
Musk will defend the acquisition of solar energy company or face $2 billion compensation
On July 12, Tesla CEO Elon Musk is expected to appear in court on Monday to defend Tesla’s acquisition of us solar photovoltaic company SolarCity in 2016. The latest trial was initiated by several shareholders of Tesla, who believed that the $2.6 billion acquisition of SolarCity by Tesla harmed shareholders. If musk loses, he will be required to pay more than $2 billion in damages from his personal wealth( First finance)
Two former employees were arrested for collecting 455000 yuan from the vegetable shopping platform “Maomao”
On July 12, it was reported that two former employees collected the company’s “wool” with special offers for new users, causing a loss of 455000 yuan. Recently, Pudong police successfully arrested two former employees of the “shopping platform” who illegally swiped orders. According to the police investigation, both of them are former employees of a “vegetable shopping platform”. They are very familiar with the preferential activities of the platform. After learning that both registered new users and new users can get full discount coupons, they have the idea of “swiping the bill”( Surging News)
Research on chang’e-5 Lunar Sample officially launched
On July 12, it was reported that the lunar exploration and space engineering center of the National Space Administration held a ceremony in Beijing to release the first batch of lunar scientific research samples for the chang’e-5 mission, marking the official start of lunar scientific research. After examination, 31 applications from 13 scientific research institutions were approved( (Xinhua News Agency)
Tesla Berlin plant is expected to get final approval in the fourth quarter
On July 12, according to German media reports, the economy minister of Brandenburg state said in a recent statement that he expected to issue the final approval for Tesla Berlin super factory sometime in the fourth quarter of 2021. If approved, the plant’s model y launch date will be only a few months later than expected. It is worth mentioning that this may lead to a very interesting situation: the Texas super factory, which started later, started production of model y earlier than its German brothers( It home)
New breakthrough! 273.1391 ℃ below zero
On July 12, the reporter learned from the Institute of physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences that the non liquid helium dilution refrigerator independently developed by the Institute has successfully realized the extremely low temperature operation below 10mk (0.01 ℃ above absolute zero). This marks a breakthrough in the development of high-end cryogenic instruments in China. The cryocooler without liquid helium dilution is the lowest temperature commercially available. It can achieve the extremely low temperature only 0.01 degrees above absolute zero without the assistance of liquid helium. It can provide the extremely low temperature environment for quantum computer chips to maintain the quantum state( (Science and technology daily)