Microsoft Windows 11 spy photos: Apple Mac flavor?


Tencent Technology News reported on June 22 that Microsoft’s next-generation operating system Windows 11 will be launched on June 24 (Beijing time) in the United States. Recently leaked spy photos show that it will adopt a new design, including a new user interface (UI), windows store and a more modern aesthetic design more like apple mac.
New windows 11 user interface
We knew a few months ago that Microsoft was always trying to improve the user interface of windows, and it seems that most of these improvements will appear in Windows 11. The leaked version of the new operating system includes an updated design and a new start menu in the center of the taskbar.
This is very similar to the design we saw in Windows 10x, but Microsoft canceled the update of windows 10x and instead supported porting some functions of the operating system to the main version of windows. Windows 10x was originally designed for dual screen devices, but Microsoft has now shelved the work.
The new start menu in Windows 11 is more like a starter in the leaked version, which allows users to quickly find recently used documents or favorite applications. The live tiles that first appeared in Windows 8 are now gone, but you can still move the start menu to the left side of the screen.
In addition to the start menu and buttons, there are other subtle improvements to the user interface. We are looking forward to new improvements in multitasking on tablets, laptops and desktop PCs. Not every user interface of the leaked version has been changed. It is expected that Microsoft will make additional improvements to the taskbar, notification center, and general parts of windows (such as volume pop-up window, etc.).
Computing image processing technology of webcam
As many people turn to remote or mixed work, the need for a reliable webcam experience is a priority for all of these zoom and teams. The iPhone 12 pro and Google pixel phones have included computational image processing technology to improve quality. We’d love to see this feature on Windows 11’s webcam, which also gives PCs an advantage over the new M1 Mac.
More MAC like virtual desktops
Apple Mac has a great feature called spaces, which allows users to easily create multiple virtual desktops and keep the screen more orderly. In windows, more steps are required to perform this operation. Microsoft is expected to be able to create and manage virtual desktops more easily in Windows 11.
Stop forcing edge
Microsoft chrome based edge browser is the default browser for windows 10. Of course, users can switch it to a browser of their own choice, such as chrome, Firefox or brave. But many users report that Microsoft will reset the default setting to edge. It is expected that in Windows 11, it will be easier for users to set and retain default browser settings.
Faster shutdown, restart and wake up from sleep
Personal computers running Windows 10 may face slower shutdown, restart and wake-up times, and sometimes need to close applications such as task manager. We want to see these options accelerate in the new version of windows.
Simple user account creation
In Windows 10, users need to log in to create a new user account. Microsoft recommends that the new account be attached to the Microsoft account as well. Windows 11 may provide easier user account creation without having to log in or be forced to connect to a Microsoft account.
New windows store
Microsoft is also expected to spend time discussing its new store in Windows 11. Satya NADELLA, Microsoft’s chief executive, joked that “major updates” to windows would focus on economic opportunities for developers and creators. “Today, we will create more opportunities for every windows developer, and welcome every creator who is looking for the most innovative, up-to-date and open platform to build, distribute and monetize applications,” he said last month
It is reported that Microsoft is always developing a new windows store, which is open to all applications and games. The change could pave the way for developers to submit any windows application to the store, including browsers such as chrome or Firefox, and even allow third-party business platforms to be used in the application.
Enabling a third-party business platform between apps found in the windows store will allow developers to bypass the 15% commission Microsoft charges for using its in app payment system. It’s going to be a big change as Microsoft, Epic Games, the developer of the popular video game fortress night, and others are pressing apple to change its app store policy.
Microsoft also recently announced a 30% cut in the PC Game Commission in the windows store, which has now fallen to only 12%, lower than the 15% commission it charges for apps. This is comparable to the commission rate offered by Epic Games in its own app store, which may put more pressure on valve’s steam.
Focus on Windows dependent users
Although Microsoft has tried to attract creators, developers and others to use windows in the past, it is expected that the company will focus on the core improvements of windows 11, which will benefit those who rely on the operating system every day.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia is surprised to see that the use of Windows has exploded during the new crown pneumonia outbreak. It is felt that Windows 11 will be a great opportunity to prove that the company has invested more capital in its operating system’s overall health for decades. We’d like to see Microsoft pay more attention to productivity, even some advanced user features, as well as the security improvements that Microsoft usually provides in the new version of windows.
In the leaked version of windows 11, we have seen signs that Microsoft has improved the multitasking interface of desktop PCs and even tablets. The new user interface can make it easier for users to use applications. Microsoft is also improving the way it handles multi display support in Windows 11, ending years of frustration experienced by super users.
Microsoft also has the opportunity to focus more on Windows 11 games, which is an important focus of its Xbox business recently. Microsoft admitted a few years ago that it had a lot to do with Windows PC games. Some of the work has already begun, such as the new Xbox app expected to be bundled with windows 11 and the impressive Xbox game bar. But Microsoft can make other potential changes to windows to improve PC games and performance.
We’re looking forward to hearing more about the Xbox auto HDR feature coming into windows, as well as the improvements such as directstorage that will speed up the loading of games. We are also happy to see many improvements in game security to prevent target robots and hackers in the game, but we do not expect windows 11 to solve this complex problem alone. Microsoft does have a chance to prove that it is more committed to PC games on Windows 11, especially because it is the preferred platform for PC gamers.
Free upgrade?
It is expected that any PC running Windows 10 can now be upgraded to windows 11 for free. During the release period, Microsoft always focused on the free upgrade of windows 10, and suddenly began to charge for windows 11 without any significance. Most of Microsoft’s windows revenue comes from original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) or commercial licenses, so it seems obvious to upgrade windows 11 for free for consumers´╝ł Tencent technology reviser / Jinlu)