New Apple watch will include blood glucose sensor


Tencent technology news, June 15 – Apple is developing a new Apple watch and health features, including display and speed upgrades, extreme sports and temperature and blood glucose sensors, people familiar with the situation said on Monday.
It is reported that Apple plans to update its apple watch product line this year and launch a new device that may be codenamed “Apple watch series 7”. The processor runs faster, with improved wireless connectivity and an upgraded display. In addition, Apple also plans to update its main products next year, and launch a new low-end Apple watch Se and a new version for extreme sports athletes.
Apple’s original goal was to install a temperature sensor in this year’s model, but now it is more likely to be available in the 2022 update, the source said. In addition, blood sugar sensors that help diabetics monitor blood sugar levels are unlikely to be ready for commercialization in the next few years.
For this year’s new Apple watch, Apple has tested thinner display borders and lamination technology that brings the display closer to the front cover. The new Apple watch may be a little thicker overall, but it won’t attract users’ attention. The new Apple watch will include updated ultra wideband features, the same underlying technology as Apple’s airtag project finder. At the global Developers Conference earlier this month, apple showed off the upcoming watchos 8 software update, which will enable the device to unlock doors and hotel rooms.
Inside apple, the extreme sports style is described as an “Explorer” or “adventure” version. The product has been under development and was originally planned to be released as soon as this year. However, judging from the current situation, the extreme sports version of Apple watch is more likely to be available in 2022. The new version of the device will help Apple compete with manufacturers such as carmine and Casio. Apple’s plans are still uncertain and may change, people familiar with the matter said. So far, an apple spokesman has not commented on the report.
Lucent precision is the main assembler of Apple watch, while Hon Hai Precision has won some orders for Apple watch and shared orders for Apple watch se with Compal computer in Taiwan.
Measuring body temperature novel coronavirus pneumonia is an important part of the detection, which prompted people to Withings Thermo intelligent thermometer and other equipment demand surge. Some companies offer small digital thermometers that plug into the charging port of smartphones. Adding this feature to Apple watch will help Apple’s devices match other smart watches and fitness bracelets, including Fitbit’s from alphabet.
Apple has been developing blood glucose monitoring for a long time, which will be incomparable to its competitors so far. Apple and other companies now rely on apps that allow users to enter blood glucose levels manually, while medical device companies such as dexcom offer blood glucose monitors that share data with apple watch. Users usually need to prick their fingers to extract blood for accurate glucose testing, but apple is looking for a non-invasive solution that can analyze blood through the skin.
Since the launch of the first generation Apple watch in 2015, the product has become an important part of Apple’s product portfolio. Along with the iPhone and iPad, it has filled Apple’s hardware ecosystem and helped Apple generate more than $30 billion in revenue in the last fiscal year from its broader wearable device, home and accessory categories´╝ł Compiled by Tencent technology / Wuji)