Revealing the group photo of “Mars rover and landing platform” on Mars, who took it for them? Is there a third party?


Tencent technology news (Qiao Hui) on June 11, the National Space Administration held the unveiling ceremony of the first batch of scientific images of the tianwen-1 spacecraft landing on Mars, announcing the panoramic view of the landing site and the topography of Mars taken by the “zhurong” Mars rover.
Group photo of lander and Rover (Rover)
In these pictures, there is a strange one, which is the group photo of landing platform and Mars Rover (Rover). We know that there are landing platforms and rovers near the landing area. The official said that this picture is not a composite, but a real shot. Is there a third party to take pictures of them?? Yes, there is a third party! Who is the third party? The answer is revealed: this picture shows the rover moving to about 10 meters south of the landing platform, releasing the separation camera installed at the bottom of the rover, and then the rover retreats to the landing platform.
The separation camera takes pictures of the moving process of the rover and the landing platform, then the images are transmitted to the rover by wireless signal, and then relayed back to the ground by the rover through the orbiter.
What a clever arrangement! Praise the creativity of Chinese scientists and technicians!
Photo taken: landing platform photographed by Mars rover.
Photo taken with each other: Mars rover photographed by landing platform.