Today’s in-depth selection reveals the inside story of Huawei’s donation to Hongmeng; Xiaomi makes a car?


Today’s focus:
1 reveal: Huawei donates “Hongmeng” inside story, once pulled Xiaomi OV to cooperate unsuccessfully
2. Focus on: weixiaoli? Xiaomi press the “speed up button” to build a car
3 Review: China’s mobile phone has developed for 20 years, starting from OEM and becoming independent
Faith: the founder of Twitter is going to save bitcoin
5 competition: sprint IPO, daily excellent fresh and Ding Dong to buy vegetables
Uncover the secret: Huawei donates “Hongmeng” inside story, and once pulled Xiaomi OV to cooperate unsuccessfully
Huawei donates Hongmeng’s infrastructure to the open atom open source foundation in order to build ecology, but Hongmeng ecology faces complex challenges.
In particular, after the release of harmony OS 2.0, there are two different voices on the Internet: on the one hand, there is a wave of enthusiastic attention. People pour a lot of emotions into Hongmeng. They put forward unreasonable expectations for Hongmeng, including Huawei’s friends. They can’t treat Hongmeng from the perspective of industry and commerce.
On the other hand, many people in the industry are also watching. They understand the twists and turns of Hongmeng’s technological development and the huge challenges faced by the establishment of ecology in the complex pattern of interests. Some people are also pessimistic.
At present, Huawei faces great challenges in Hongmeng ecological construction. The mobile phone business is absent, the ecology of the Internet of things is too slow, and the car is a strong role in the Internet of vehicles. Hongmeng needs to find a suitable market.
Whether Hongmeng can have a longer-term vision, strict business logic and trade-offs in its open source strategy and set the rules of the game well is very important.
Pay attention to: “dry turn” Wei Xiaoli? Xiaomi press the “speed up button” to build a car
Is it possible for Xiaomi to break the lead of weixiaoli?
We can see from the frequent measures taken in the automotive industry chain in the past that Xiaomi’s ambition for smart cars is obvious at a glance.
According to incomplete statistics, in the past eight years, over 40 enterprises have been invested in the fields of vehicle, supply chain and travel, including Lei Jun, Xiaomi technology and Shunwei capital.
In the two months after the announcement, Xiaomi’s pace did not stop. Taking a stake and leading the investment in husai, I think Xiaomi’s recent series of investment actions in the automotive industry chain may have become a new node to re-examine this “troublemaker”.
Xiaomi’s current investment ecological chain has completed the closed-loop of vehicle, parts, intelligent cockpit, intelligent Internet connection and automobile sales. These forward-looking layouts play a vital role in Xiaomi’s car building project.
Three or five years later, the first car products of cross-border players such as Xiaomi and Baidu will probably arrive as scheduled, even set off a huge wave. Whether it can stand the test of time, the market will give the answer.
Review: the history of mobile phone development in China starts from OEM and becomes independent
China is not only the world’s largest mobile phone consumer, but also the world’s largest mobile phone producer.
In 2020, according to the National Bureau of statistics, China’s mobile phone production will exceed 1.48 billion units, while at its peak in 2015, the number reached 2 billion units.
Looking at the development of China’s mobile phone manufacturing industry over the past 20 years, it is actually a mirror of the global mobile phone industry pattern, witnessing the remorse of Nokia and Motorola, and the brilliance of jobs, Yu Chengdong and Lei Jun.
From the OEM production led by Nokia Motorola, to the barbaric growth of the White Brand Shanzhai machine, and then to the domestic mobile phones step by step to the center of the stage, the Pearl River Delta, represented by Shenzhen, Guangdong, the Yangtze River Delta, represented by Zhejiang, and Beijing and Tianjin regions have successively appeared, becoming the leading roles in the mobile phone manufacturing industry.
The rise of China’s mobile phone manufacturing industry and Guangdong’s successful counter attack of seizing the opportunity are all worthy of taste. In the next decade or even 20 years, where will China’s mobile phone manufacturing go?
Faith: the founder of Twitter is going to save bitcoin
Some time ago, the noisy coin ring suddenly turned off. Although it is a scene of trees falling, monkeys scattering and walls falling, there are still a group of bitcoin believers fighting tenaciously.
Among them, the most eye-catching is twitter founder Jack Dorsey. In today’s turbulent market, this “heavyweight” Silicon Valley tycoon still holds high the banner of bitcoin and chooses to stand firmly with believers.
Different from Musk’s unreasonable attitude of “Hi” and “back off”, Jack Dorsey is very specific to bitcoin. He is consistent in both bear market and bull market. That’s how time goes by and true love is seen in adversity.
Over the years, from publicity to investment, from funds to communities, Jack Dorsey has done a lot for bitcoin, and he will continue to do so.
With the fetters of Jack Dorsey and bitcoin and block chains deeper and deeper, many people worry that his heart is wrong, but bitcoin can not develop as he wishes, but it will eventually dissipate like a bubble.
But for Jack Dorsey, no matter what the outcome, a “love” may be enough.
Competition: sprint IPO, daily excellent fresh and Ding Dong to buy vegetables
No one has ever thought that it is not Duoduo, meituan and HEMA that lead the IPO of fresh e-commerce. On the contrary, it is dingdong and Daiichi that lead the IPO.
Ding Dong buying vegetables is like a rabbit on the track, expanding rapidly and madly; Daily excellent fresh more than a year ago, like a turtle, not slow, steady. Who can make profits as soon as possible is the end of the race. Fresh food is the path to the online supermarket. After IPO, the gap between dingdong and the giant is not a bit.
No matter horizontally or vertically, it is not easy for the two giants in the gap to make profits in the short term to trade speed for scale or reduce costs and increase efficiency.
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