Ministry of Commerce’s response to US’s lifting of tiktok wechat ban; Weilai will promote new brand


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1. The Ministry of Commerce responded to the US side’s cancellation of relevant administrative orders on tiktok, wechat, etc
It is said that Branson will go into space before Bezos. Virgin Galactic has not denied it
3 Baidu invested 2 billion to build a car? Response: share ratio structure to be announced
Twitter founder wants to save bitcoin
5. Weilai automobile will promote new brand positioning, which is lower than Weilai automobile
6 car many completed a new round of 300 million US dollars financing, with a post investment valuation of over 10 billion US dollars
The Ministry of Commerce responded to the US side’s withdrawal of relevant administrative orders on tiktok, wechat, etc
On June 10, at a regular press conference held by the Ministry of Commerce, in response to the US side’s revocation of the relevant administrative orders on tiktok, wechat and other Chinese applications, Gao Feng, a spokesman for the Ministry of Commerce, said: we have noticed that the US side has revoked the relevant administrative orders of the previous government on tiktok, wechat and other Chinese applications, which is a positive step in the right direction. However, we also noted that the US side also requested a review of the security risks of foreign applications, and the Cfius is still reviewing tiktok. We hope that the US side will treat Chinese enterprises fairly and avoid politicizing economic and trade issues.
Rumors that Branson will enter space before Bezos have not been denied by Virgin Galactic
Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and British tycoon Richard Branson are likely to see the edge of space next month, but Branson seems to be taking a step faster.
Douglas messier, the blogger of the space blog parallel arc, revealed that Virgin Galactic might be the first to send its founder Richard Branson into space before Bezos.
Previously, an anonymous source disclosed to Messier that Virgin Galactic planned to test fly the so-called SpaceShipTwo suborbital spacecraft over the weekend of July 4. This will prepare Branson to beat Bezos by a narrow margin in two weeks to become the first billionaire to go into space. Virgin Galactic began developing these plans in response to the date set for blue origin’s first manned flight, according to Messier’s sources. Blue Genesis announced its first flight date on May 5, and it was set long before Bezos announced that he would join.
At present, the media can not independently confirm Messier’s report, but a Virgin Galactic spokesman did not deny the news in a statement.
Baidu invested 2 billion to build cars? Response: share ratio structure to be announced
On June 10, the news of “Baidu invested 2 billion to build a car” was on the hot search. Baidu’s exclusive response to the Beijing News shell financial reporter said that Jidu is a technology-based automobile start-up company invested and established by Baidu and Geely. Based on the needs of the current business development of the enterprise, the shareholders of both sides jointly decide to register the company in Beijing. The company’s future share ratio structure and operation management mode will further communicate with the outside world after having specific information.
Twitter founder wants to save bitcoin
Recently, 12000 bitcoin supporters from around the world gathered at the bitcoin conference in Miami to discuss the present and future of bitcoin. Twitter founder Jack Dorsey also appeared at the event.
“Bitcoin has absolutely changed everything,” he said at the conference. For me, bitcoin is not just an investment, but the most important business I will pursue for the rest of my life. If necessary, I can give up my work on Twitter and square and leave all my energy and time to bitcoin. ”
Weilai automobile will launch a new brand, positioning lower than Weilai
It is reported that Weilai automobile is planning to launch a new brand, positioning lower than Weilai, and insiders call it a sub brand.
The reporter asked Weilai automobile for confirmation, and the other side said that “there is no news to disclose”. However, the company announced a few days ago that the new product “Gemini” to be launched next year will continue to use Weilai brand and maintain high-end positioning.
“At present, the traditional luxury fuel brands competing with Weilai are all based on the difference in size.” In the communication link of 2020 NiO day, Li Bin, CEO of Weilai automobile, said in an interview that the et7 to be delivered in the first quarter of 2022 will be compared with BMW 5 series, and the products to be launched after that will also conform to Weilai’s top-down product law.
However, it is not impossible for Weilai to enter the mass market. In a previous conference call with investors, Li Bin said that Weilai automobile may also enter the mass market, but this popular route is not Weilai brand, but a new brand of Weilai automobile.
After the completion of a new round of $300 million financing, the valuation of cheduoduo is over $10 billion
On June 10, cheduoduo group announced that it had completed a new round of financing of US $300 million. This round was led by H capital, followed by Sequoia Capital China fund, IDG capital and Yang Haoyong personal fund, with a post investment valuation of over US $10 billion.
Chen Xiaohong, founder of H capital, said that mature technology and online migration of user consumption are giving birth to e-commerce of auto trading. In the past few years, we have been exploring and building the basic ability of auto e-commerce, and iterating the business model quickly in the process of finding the optimal solution to create user value. We believe that the development of auto e-commerce will accelerate the arrival of the mainstream era of domestic auto e-commerce.
Japanese media: chip shortage intensifies, Japanese officials call for cooperation with TSMC to establish chip factory
According to the Japanese times, former Japanese Minister of economy and industry and senior member of the Liberal Democratic Party, kamliming, recently said that Japan can not establish a cutting-edge chip R & D and manufacturing base on its own and must seek cooperation with TSMC.

Gan liming, who is now leading the LDP’s semiconductor strategy working group, said the United States and Europe plan to inject funds into the industry in the face of a global shortage of semiconductors and a shortage of advanced logic chips, which are essential for everything from artificial intelligence to autonomous driving. He believes that in order to keep pace with the United States and Europe, the Japanese government must be prepared to spend trillions of yen.
Amazon’s advertising rates soared during the epidemic, and its advertising revenue in the United States will exceed $20 billion this year
Amazon’s advertising rates jumped more than 50% year-on-year in May, according to a new report released by market pulse, an industry research firm, indicating that the online retailer’s profitability should continue to maintain during busy periods such as the upcoming summer promotion “prime day” and holiday shopping season.
The surge of online shopping caused by the epidemic has triggered more fierce advertising competition on Amazon. According to emarketer, a market research firm, global shoppers are expected to spend 578 billion dollars on Amazon’s advertising this year.
In a report, marketplace pulse said that the rise in advertising rates may provide an impetus for legislators and regulators to ask Amazon to pay higher taxes, and push businesses on e-commerce platforms to raise prices as they struggle to cope with higher transportation costs and other inflationary pressures.
Musk’s response to “tax avoidance” report: unpaid wages have been taxed according to regulations
Elon Musk, Tesla’s chief executive, said on Wednesday that he didn’t pay income tax because he didn’t receive a salary from Tesla and that he would only pay tax on the sale of shares, according to the asset value-added tax, after US News Agency propublica disclosed on Tuesday that the country’s super rich avoided taxes.
According to the compensation plan of Musk for the next 10 years approved by Tesla’s special general meeting in 2018, musk does not have any salary or bonus, and its income will be linked to Tesla’s market value and operating performance. Only when Tesla’s market value reaches some milestones, can it get the option award.
Li Bin: the second factory will be put into operation in the third quarter of next year. The logistics cost of Weilai is 4000 yuan less than that of Mercedes Benz and BMW
Recently, Li Bin delivered a speech at the 13th China Auto blue book forum held in Hefei. Li Bin revealed that the second factory of Weilai in Hefei Xinqiao intelligent electric vehicle industrial park has started construction and will be put into operation in the third quarter of next year.
“The factory has started to do the structure part, including the battery packs, which are all in the park, and are directly transported to the production line through the park logistics, saving a lot of logistics costs,” he said.
At the same time, “the average vehicle logistics mileage is only 901 km. Compared with BMW, Audi and Mercedes Benz, a vehicle saves three or four thousand yuan. The average vehicle logistics mileage of vehicles produced in Hefei is the lowest in all parts of the country.”
How to enter IAAs service of cloud computing? Volcano engine: public cloud products are not available at present
On June 10, latepost reported that the byte beating volcano engine department will officially release cloud computing IAAs service including computing, storage and network from September to October 2021. It is reported that the LAAS business will be in the charge of Zhang Xin, the founder of Caiyun technology, a container cloud service provider acquired by byte beat in August 2020. The person in charge reports to Tan Dai, a former T11 technical expert of Baidu and now general manager of volcano engine.
In response, the person in charge of the volcano engine replied that the volcano engine has not launched public cloud products at present, and did not comment on the market speculation.
The total assets of “Jiepan Xia” should not be less than 200 million
In June 10th, the official WeChat official account of the bankruptcy court of Beijing released a notice on the zero degree Intelligence Control Administrator’s intention to publicly recruit investors.
It is reported that on May 11, 2021, Beijing No.1 Intermediate People’s court ruled to accept the bankruptcy reorganization case of zero degree intelligent control in accordance with the law, and appointed Guohao lawyer (Beijing) office as the administrator of zero degree intelligent control on May 12.
According to public information, zero degree intelligent control is a UAV company established in 2007, committed to become the world’s top supplier of intelligent aircraft products and intelligent UAV overall solutions.
MIIT: pilot work on identity authentication and security trust of Internet of vehicles
According to the website of the Ministry of industry and information technology, the general office of the Ministry of industry and information carried out pilot work on identity authentication and security trust of the Internet of vehicles. The application subjects include basic telecommunication enterprises, Internet enterprises, automobile production enterprises, electronic parts enterprises, network security enterprises, commercial password enterprises, transportation enterprises, scientific research institutes, as well as advanced demonstration zone of network security innovation and application, national pilot zone of Internet of vehicles, national intelligent networked vehicle test demonstration zone (base), national intelligent networked vehicle test demonstration zone (base) Smart city infrastructure and intelligent network connected vehicle collaborative development pilot cities and other construction and operation units.
Alibaba CTO Cheng Li: working with rookies to develop driverless trucks
At the 2021 global smart logistics summit, Cheng Li, chief technology officer and rookie chief technology officer of Alibaba, announced that in the next year, rookie will invest 1000 logistics unmanned vehicles “little man donkeys” into the campus and community. In the future, Ali will continue to invest in technology in the field of automatic driving to improve customer experience. At present, it has launched the definition and research of open road unmanned logistics trucks.
Amazon accused of violating EU privacy regulations or fined $425 million
A privacy regulator in the European Union has proposed to impose a fine of more than $425 million on Amazon, according to people familiar with the matter. The fine could be the biggest one imposed on businesses under EU privacy laws.
According to people familiar with the matter, the Data Protection Commission of Luxembourg (CNPD) has made a draft decision to impose penalties on Amazon’s privacy practices and propose that the national data protection agencies of the 26 member states of the European Union impose fines on Amazon.
It is reported that the Luxemburg case involves alleged violation of the European general data protection regulation (gdpr), which is related to Amazon’s collection and use of personal data, but has nothing to do with its cloud computing business. The person declined to elaborate on the specific charges against Amazon. So far, Amazon has not commented on the report.

Musk: now I rent a house worth 50000 dollars in Texas, and I’ve sold my California property
On June 10, musk tweeted that he had sold his house in California, leaving only one house in the San Francisco Bay area. Now he has rented a house worth $50000 in Texas. After a little renovation, he believes it is now worth $69000.