JBS, the world’s meat giant, paid $11 million in bitcoin to solve the hacker attack


According to the Wall Street Journal on June 9, the CEO of JBS American food processing company, the U.S. division of the world’s largest meat processor JBS Inc., said the company has paid a ransom of $11 million to cybercriminals. The company suffered cyber attacks last week, all of its U.S. beef processing plants were shut down, affecting about a fifth of the U.S. meat supply.
Andre Nogueira, chief executive of JBS’s U.S. division, said the ransom in bitcoin was to protect JBS’s meat factory from further damage and reduce the potential impact on JBS dependent restaurants, grocery stores and farmers.
“It’s very painful to pay criminals, but we do the right thing for our clients,” noguela said on Wednesday. He added that the payment was made after most of JBS’s plants were reopened.