Ecoflow is getting more than 100 million US dollars in round B financing, and Sequoia China is leading the investment


Recently, Shenzhen Zhenghao Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “ecoflow Zhenghao”) has completed more than 100 million US dollars of round B financing. This round of financing is led by Sequoia Capital China fund, and jointly invested by hillhood venture capital and CICC.
Ecoflow Zhenghao was founded in 2017. Its enterprise business includes R & D, production and sales of mobile energy storage products, with an estimated value of US $1 billion in this round of financing. Wang Lei, founder of ecoflow Zhenghao, said that after this round of financing, ecoflow Zhenghao will strengthen investment in research and development of clean energy storage products, improve product performance and explore application scenarios of energy storage products.