Discover why Bezos brother Mark was chosen to fly the new Shepard for the first time?


Bezos’ younger brother Mark (right) is not only a director of the Bezos family foundation, but also a member of the charity Leadership Committee and a volunteer firefighter in New York
Tencent Technology News reported on June 10 that Amazon founder Jeff Bezos may be a household name, but when its space company Blue origin announced that it was going to make the first manned flight of the new Shepard suborbital spacecraft, his brother Mark became the focus. Bezos had previously announced that he would take his brother to the air. Why did he make such a decision?
Bezos is the richest man in modern history, so rich that even if he gives everyone on the earth $10, he is still a billionaire. Bezos has also changed the way of shopping in the world forever, and is involved in and subverting more industries. If you’re Bezos’s brother, maybe you can only choose one of three ways.
First, you can choose to join him. Bezos can make $2537 a second, and he may be hiring, so he can at least give his brother a job like chief influence officer. They don’t have to work anymore, but there will be someone on the board who really understands Bezos’s ideas, and it will be easier for him to look after them.
Second, you can try to replace him, or set up a company to compete with him. Maybe you can call it “Nile”. But it’s a very bad idea. Third, you can only be a low-key person, not bound by the same degree of ambition, willing to let Bezos become the focus of the spotlight.
For most of his adult life, mark chose the third path. Without offending his brother, he neither interfered with Bezos’ business nor envied him, but he didn’t want to join his company. He just wants to develop his career on different tracks.
Now, however, Bezos has asked Mark, 53, to join him in the new Shepard’s first manned flight. The flight is scheduled for July 20, two weeks after Bezos resigned as Amazon’s chief executive.
“I want to get on this flight because it’s something I want to do all my life,” Bezos said in a recently released video. Although it was an adventure, it meant a lot to me. I invite my brother Mark to take this first flight, because we are also our closest friends
Then, the video switches scenes, showing Bezos in a cowboy hat, sitting there having coffee with mark, and then he suddenly invites the latter to join him. “Are you serious?” mark asked with a slightly frightened but hard to refuse look Bezos replied slightly strangely, “I am, I think it will make sense.”
So, like it or not, the Bezos brothers are going to space. Obviously, they do get along well. Mark is five years younger than Bezos. He is half brother to his sister Christina and Bezos, but they grew up together when they migrated between Albuquerque, Texas, and Florida.
Bezos continues to rule the world, subverting everything on his way forward, while mark does the opposite, trying his best to save the world. He is not only a director of the Bezos family foundation, but also a member of the Leadership Committee of education and poverty relief charities and a volunteer firefighter in New York.
According to the report, mark is married and has four children. He is easygoing and confident, and is born with a good figure. Mark is also more interesting. Four years ago, he and Bezos appeared at a live event together. He said, “if anyone is confused, I am the one who has less money in the bank.” Bezos always said, “when we’re together, I just keep laughing.”
So it’s very important that this space trip is full of fun, because not many people would like to use 18 meter long, unmanned sealed tin cans with their brothers in space. “I’m just amazed,” Mark said in the video, recalling the invitation. It’s a very rare opportunity not only to take risks, but also to take risks with my best friend. “( Tencent technology reviser / Jinlu)