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Today’s focus:
Insight: is glory recovering Huawei’s lost land?
Change: because of the epidemic, Apple has changed
Focus: Bezos wants to fly into space first!
Dilemma: give up the “dolls” and retreat online education in the first round
5 decoding: what is the significance of Hongmeng’s core architecture to determine open source?
Insight: is glory recovering Huawei’s lost land?
“Who can fill the market gap left by Huawei? Who will become the “upstart” in China’s high-end mobile phone market In the past year, due to the shortage of Huawei, the discussion on this topic has never stopped.
Canalys mobile phone analysts said that Xiaomi, oppo and vivo will usher in the opportunity “never seen in a decade” in China’s high-end mobile phone market.
Whether the glory of independence from Huawei can become the first choice to receive the “position” left by Huawei remains unknown.
“After all, it’s either high-end or high-end.” Industry insiders say that the core of the high-end machine is the group behind the product and the cognition of the market. At present, Huawei is the only domestic brand that can be called high-end machine and compete with apple.
After “flying alone”, there are still many places to pay tuition fees if you want to fly high.
Change: Apple has changed because of the epidemic
The overall evaluation of domestic Internet public opinion after the WWDC of Apple global developers conference is: no surprise.
The length of the IOS 15 update point page on Apple’s official website has reached the highest level in history, bit by bit, full of details.
However, the updated function points are too detailed to cover all aspects. Looking at each function point alone, it seems that it’s not bad, but when it comes together, it’s easy to give people a feeling that it’s more intimate and less surprising.
One thing is possible, because online office, in a sense, reduces the speed of Apple’s promotion of innovation. All the small functions are like the one after another small projects that Apple promoted in order to ensure office efficiency when the epidemic was the most serious last year. Finally, they were summarized and integrated into the WWDC of 2021.
It’s a bit boring, but it’s not a bad thing. In recent years, Apple’s system update frequency is much higher than before. You can say that Apple’s work is not as reliable as before, and there are more bugs. You can also say that apple is now more detailed and detailed than before.
Attention: Bezos flies into space before musk! Blue origin “maiden voyage” starts on July 20
Next month, 57 year old Bezos will step down as CEO of Amazon. What will the world’s richest man do after retirement?
He’s all set! The first is to join their own blue origin space “maiden voyage”, space walk around! I have to say that this retirement trip is very enviable!
On Monday, local time, billionaire Jeff Bezos announced that his space company Blue origin will launch its first passenger flight on July 20, and Bezos himself will join the maiden flight.
Bezos announced the plan on the social platform, and he will join his brother Mark on the space trip. The launch time of the spaceship is about two weeks after Bezos stepped down as CEO of Amazon.
The space tour will provide a seat for the online auction winner, and the bidding is still in progress. The final auction will be held on the 12th EST and the highest ticket price so far is $3.5 million.
Dilemma: give up the “dolls” and retreat online education in the first round
After the online education meets the strong supervision, the head enterprise will be the first to burn to the young racetrack.
After gaotu, on June 7, homework help also heard the news that the business line for young children had been cut off. Many of its business products had stopped low price promotion classes and forwarding gift activities.
At the same time, baobian learned that the zebra Department of ape counseling has delayed the entry time of many fresh graduates. Some fresh graduates have been replied that they have “indefinitely postponed their entry”, while some fresh graduates who have signed a tripartite agreement are facing breach of contract and are seeking compensation.
With the advent of the regulatory storm, online education quickly calms down, and young business is the first to be frozen.
Predictably, K12 business is also facing adjustment, and online education companies must focus on more places to make up for the vacancy.
What is the significance of Hongmeng’s core architecture to determine open source?
For example, if you think of harmonyos as a building built by Huawei, the main frame part uses emui, the interior part uses Android, and the foundation is openharmony. The open part of Huawei is actually the foundation design drawing of the building, excluding the building structure above the foundation.
According to the foundation design drawings provided by Huawei, everyone can design a building of his own on this basis. Moreover, because the same foundation design drawings are used, the buildings can interact seamlessly through the reserved channels, and finally form a huge ecological community.
No matter from which point of view, openharmony’s open source is of great significance, both for the country and for the entire Chinese Internet Ecology.
At least in the future, we don’t need to worry that the entire Internet ecosystem will be unsustainable without Android and IOS.