Tencent video annual release held


On June 7, 2021, the annual release of Tencent video film was held in Shanghai. Sun Zhonghuai, vice president of Tencent and chief executive officer of Tencent online video, delivered a keynote speech, focusing on sharing the strategy, mission and vision of the newly established Tencent online video business unit (OVB). Together with Lin Songtao, vice president of Tencent and chief executive officer of Tencent online video, he opened the 10th anniversary celebration ceremony of Tencent video, Express hope for a new starting point of online video. Han Zhijie, vice president of Tencent online video, shared the latest strategies, innovative changes and new content matrix of Tencent video film and television on the spot.
Clear the future development direction, create a good time with good content
With the rapid development of video industry, user behavior has changed greatly. It is difficult for a single product to meet the consumer demand. This change drives the industry to look for a more mature development model. Not long ago, Tencent’s PCG platform and content business group adjusted their organizational structure. Tencent’s video, micro TV and application treasure three businesses were integrated to form “online video business unit (OVB)”. In this regard, sun Zhonghuai, vice president of Tencent and CEO of Tencent online video, expressed the hope that after the integration and adjustment of the architecture, OVB can give full play to the advantages of top-quality video content resources, and apply the industrialization ability of micro TV in the creator and user dual market to help the diversified development of high-quality IP and establish a lasting and wide range of user fan influence. At the same time, by strengthening the linkage of multiple products in the matrix, it can meet the diversified needs of users in the field of film and television pan entertainment.
At the press conference, sun Zhonghuai said that OVB’s mission is to create a better content, and the value of OVB is to offer a steady stream of good stories to create a better time for all users. Based on this mission, OVB has established its vision of becoming a technology and art driven video entertainment leader. Sun Zhonghuai said that guided by the technology driven strategy, OVB will invest in the basic technology, application technology and cutting-edge technology of video entertainment in a more comprehensive and long-term way. Enabling business and products through science and technology to serve the producers and consumers of the platform. Guided by the art driven strategy, OVB will do its best to provide users with wonderful, diversified and rich content. Artistry will become the general principle of content strategy. OVB focuses on the continuous improvement of the artistic level of all works on the platform. He also stressed that art driven strategy will be the core of OVB’s content strategy and the highest criterion of content strategy.
It is reported that OVB is currently discussing the specific principles of art driven strategy. At the meeting, sun Zhonghuai also listed some principles under discussion, including that the art driven strategy will cover all categories and works of the platform; In the selection of performers and creative teams, the highest principle is appropriateness, and the only flow theory and the only commercialization theory are explicitly opposed; The clear direction of deciding to invest in making a work is innovation, not copying the old successful routine; Under each content category, category leaders are encouraged to explicitly support certain works with high artistic value but unclear commercial return, which are included in the scope of investment production and broadcasting.
It is worth mentioning that this year is also the 10th anniversary of Tencent video online operation. At the press conference, sun Zhonghuai and Lin Songtao, vice president of Tencent and President of Tencent online video, respectively reviewed the ten-year development of online video and expressed their hope for online video. When reviewing the past of Tencent video, sun Zhonghuai expressed his gratitude for the ten years’ company and support of users and industry partners. He hoped to make good use of content, good products and good services in the future and live up to the good time of each user and the trust and expectation of each partner. Lin Songtao said that the decade of online video is a decade of rapid iteration of user needs, content forms and technical products. Online video business is facing challenges and breaking situations every day, and is also providing services for users and creators every day, creating good value of content. Looking forward to the future, he said he hopes to join hands with more users and industry partners to witness more wonderful online videos with the integration of long and short videos.
Multi innovation to build a new pattern of film and television
Ten years of precipitation, continuous good content, good works and good service bring aesthetic improvement and rich choice, at the same time, it also makes users more critical of content and more favor of innovation. Han Zhijie, vice president of Tencent online video, believes that in response to changes in users, the film and television industry needs to polish its works carefully to win the attention and time of users with high-quality films and TV plays with good stories, aesthetics and positive values.
In order to tear down the inherent labels and improve the quality of content production, Han Zhijie said that in addition to maintaining stable investment in mature and advantageous tracks, Tencent video will plan and continuously expand innovation fields. In order to speed up the pace of innovation, Tencent video will pay equal attention to artistic value and commercial value in content development, comprehensively build a three-dimensional and diversified evaluation standard, and try to change the industry practice of “purchasing according to set” and measure the budget with comprehensive indicators.
At the meeting, Han Zhijie also introduced the innovation of Tencent video in the production mode of drama series. Aiming at the traditional track, Tencent video will comprehensively improve the quality of the script, drive the upgrading of narrative techniques and shooting technology with scientific and technological iteration, actively realize the theme development, and pay more attention to the development of original IP, so as to create the ultimate content with innovation. In the field of new dramas, Tencent video will pay more attention to blue ocean projects and humanistic themes, explore the boundaries of drama innovation, and pay for high-quality short drama projects.
On the spot, Tencent video released a high-quality content list with rich types and covering multiple categories.

In the innovation track, Tencent video has achieved deep coverage of comedy, women’s topics, science and technology, suspense and other new themes with sitcom No.1 Beiwei Road, women’s growth drama believe in salt if you don’t believe in honey, and innovative short drama beginning; In the realism track, Tencent video has reserved series of masterpieces with the theme of “Ebola front”, “love under the lion mountain”, “girls’ school in the mountains”, “sailing: when the wind blows”, etc., and will take care of the social reality through such high-quality contents as “wind blows”, “our marriage”, “Ode to joy 3”, “win or lose”; In the aspect of big dramas, Tencent video has reserved such excellent dramas as “you are my glory”, “the 28 laws of love”, “everyone knows I love you”, “yuguyao”, “menghualu”, “and try the world”, “eternal dust” and “brilliant star” with strong lineup and diversified types. At the meeting, Tencent video introduced the content planning of IP boutique series, including the content development around the super IP “three body”, “ghost blowing lamp” and “sito” author tail fish work matrix, the hot-blooded competitive series will launch “Elite Action”, “hero League TV series” and other new works, and the Douluo mainland series will also carry out the whole industry chain development.
In the field of online movie, Tencent video will continue to optimize the rules of online movie sharing, deepen the construction of VIP open platform, and increase capital investment. At the meeting, Tencent video announced the first batch of fine film cooperation plans, including “ghost blowing lights” series “global disco”, “night market situation”, “Siping police”, “broken gold”, “thunder action”, “fight against the sky”, “three lines reincarnation”, “journey to the west” series “survivor 1937”, “just a chance trip” and other types of fine films, He also announced that he is cooperating with Xinghui company in self-made film strategy, and director Stephen Chow is also looking forward to cooperating with Tencent video to bring you more good works in the new field of online film.
With the mission of creating beautiful content, adhering to the core values of technology driven and art driven, and insisting on accelerating innovation, Tencent online video is launching a new layout around creating good content. In the future, Tencent online video will continue to give play to the collaborative ability between products, tap the greater potential of Tencent content ecology, fully release the value of content, join hands with more partners to create more good stories, and bring more good times to platform users.