Musk: Tesla will release the pure vision update of the full automatic driving kit in three weeks


According to Tencent technology news on June 7, Elon Musk, CEO of electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla, tweeted on Sunday morning local time that the company will release a test version software update of full automatic driving (FSD) within two to three weeks, which will be based on Tesla’s recent “pure vision” mode.
Tesla FSD project is one of the complex and powerful projects in the field of automatic driving. In the past few years, Tesla has used a series of cameras and radar sensors in its vehicles to help identify the road and drive on the road with minimal driver intervention.
Recently, Tesla has opted to remove the radar in favor of a camera based approach. Musk has talked about this method for several quarters. Just a few weeks ago, Tesla finally adopted a vision based driving method on Model 3 and model y. Tesla believes that in this system called Tesla vision, cameras are the only way to improve the accuracy of FSD suite. Musk said that although the radar helped Tesla solve the problem of “poor eyesight”, the camera based approach was the ultimate goal.
Speaking on the earnings call for the first quarter of 2021, musk said: “I think with the elimination of radar, we have finally got rid of the last crutch. Radar does help make up for some of the visual deficiencies, but it’s not good. In fact, you just need to be able to see. ” Now, Tesla plans to launch another mass production version with pure vision system this week, followed by FSD beta V.9, which will be released “in a week or two.”.
Musk has said that V.9 will take another week or two to release, so it is difficult to determine whether Tesla can really do it. Over the next week, the automaker is sure to go all out.
Although musk has talked about this timetable in the past, and Tesla has never kept its promise, the company has always been very cautious about its FSD and autopilot function release. Musk mentioned earlier that FSD is not available in some countries and regions for a period of time, because changing road rules are a major concern. The cautious release has made Tesla safer, especially in the critical and skeptical industry.
Some car owners said that their FSD performance of vehicles equipped with “pure vision” system is better than that of vehicles equipped with radar. If the improvements highly praised by musk are released in the next few weeks, Tesla may be able to achieve the goal of achieving L5 level automatic driving by the end of the year( Tencent technology reviser / Jinlu)