Lu Qi: 3494 companies applied for 2021 spring business camp, and only 33 were admitted


On June 6, at the scene of Qiji Chuangtan’s 2021 spring roadshow, Lu Qi, founder and CEO of Qiji Chuangtan, said that 3494 start-up companies applied for the 2021 spring business camp, an increase of 60% over the previous year. Among them, 33 were admitted, with an admission rate of only 0.94%. All of them were technology driven enterprises“ We only do two things in Qiji entrepreneurial camp. One is to speed up product market matching, that is, from 0 to 1, which will take up a lot of our time; The other is investment, which will help every venture to finance better and more efficiently. ”
According to the data, Qiji Chuangtan, formerly known as YC China, was founded in 2019 by Lu Qi, former president and COO of Baidu, global executive vice president of Microsoft and executive vice president of Yahoo. Its vision is to build a prosperous entrepreneur community through cooperation.