IPhone 13 or new brass color matching; Naixue’s tea passed the hearing


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1. G7 countries are close to reaching a tax agreement on technology giants;
2. Naixue’s tea was listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange;
3. Exposure of the latest rendering of iPhone 13;
4. The chalk education was exposed to lay off 7000 people;
5 Tesla applied to produce batteries in Berlin factory;
6. Renren video was removed from the app store for rectification.
The collision of Taizhou Luqiao “5.17” police officers has nothing to do with Tesla vehicle itself
The cause of Taizhou road and bridge traffic accident on May 17 has been found out: after testing by professional institutions, the accident has nothing to do with Tesla brand vehicle itself. According to the Taizhou Public Security Bureau, at about 17:15 on May 17, Chen Mou long, driving a Tesla brand car, collided with two police officers at the scene while passing by the viaduct of west double line 104, Luoyang street, Luqiao.
After the accident, Taizhou police carried out on-site investigation, investigation and inquiry in accordance with laws and regulations, and entrusted the vehicle to a third-party professional organization for inspection and identification. The police found that the driver, Mr. Chen, was fully responsible for the accident.
German Finance Minister: G7 countries are close to a historic agreement to tax technology giants
German finance minister Schultz said after attending the G7 finance ministers’ meeting that the G7 countries are close to reaching a historic agreement on taxing technology giants. The tax reform of these technology companies, together with the previous plan to introduce the minimum enterprise tax rate, will “change the world” and increase the fiscal revenue of countries by billions of pounds, Otherwise, the money will be transferred to low tax countries.
British Chancellor of the exchequer rich sunak said that as these taxes are transferred back from those “tax havens”, the governments concerned will receive a considerable amount of funds and will benefit from the agreement.
Naixue’s tea is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange
According to the documents of the Hong Kong stock exchange, Naixue’s tea was listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange for hearing.
Naixue’s tea was founded in Shenzhen in 2015, mainly focusing on first tier and new first tier cities. In recent years, its expansion speed has accelerated, especially in 2019. As of the first three quarters of 2020, there are 422 tea stores in Naixue.
According to the prospectus, Naixue’s tea plans to open 300 new stores in 2021-2022, with 2023 no less than 2022. However, in the case of accelerated expansion, the average daily order volume and sales of Naixue single store continued to decline. According to the data of the prospectus, the average daily order volume of single store in 2018 was 716.
IPhone 13 latest rendering exposure: Brass + Rose
The appearance rendering of the final version (possibly mass production version) of iPhone 13 Basic Edition is exposed, which not only further confirms the appearance design of the iPhone, but also brings a new color scheme, which is a new color system similar to “brass”.
From the pictures, the rendering is basically consistent with the previous multi-party revelations. The overall scheme of the iPhone 12 series is still inherited. The middle frame of the fuselage is still right angle design, but the front screen has ushered in the biggest change in four years, adopting a new bangs scheme.
On the whole, the iPhone 13 has not changed much compared with the previous generation, but only the color changes.
Chalk education has been exposed to lay off 7000 people. A few months ago, it announced nearly 400 million yuan of financing
Recently, the news of large-scale layoffs in chalk education has been widely spread. The former employee said he came back from a business trip yesterday and was laid off today. It is reported that the chalk nationwide layoffs more than 7000 people. However, the news has not been officially confirmed.
In addition to chalk education, other online education companies are also suffering from layoffs. Among them, gaotu laid off 30% of the staff, while the job shop and ape tutor all revealed a large number of layoffs. Meanwhile, they also stopped applying for school recruitment and employment.
In February 2021, chalk Education announced that it had obtained 390 million yuan of round a financing, with IDG capital, Zhixin capital, CPE, Dehong capital as its investors.
US media: Tesla officially applied to produce batteries in Berlin super factory
Tesla has officially applied to produce batteries in the Berlin super factory, and is expected to be one of the first factories to produce Tesla’s new 4680 batteries, according to the US auto news website electek. According to previous US media reports, Tesla’s 4680 battery will first be used in model y produced by Berlin’s super factory.
Mr. anmeng, President of Qualcomm, praised China’s speed, saying that China’s market shipped an average of 5 5g mobile phones per second
On June 6, on the occasion of the second anniversary of the issuance of 5g business license, anmeng, President and CEO designate of Qualcomm, said in an article on the social platform that every second, five 5g mobile phones are shipped in the Chinese market, and the speed in China is amazing.
He also said that he was honored to launch the “5g pilot plan” with a number of leading Chinese enterprises in Beijing in 2018“ We have witnessed the great success of these enterprises, which have become the leading enterprises in providing 5g innovative terminals to global consumers. ”
Renren video removed from App Store?
Today, according to a number of netizens, Renren video has been removed from the app store, all videos have been removed from the shelves, and offline “quick look” related content, related topics quickly boarded the hot search.
Renren video said that we are willing to accept and actively improve the criticisms and suggestions of recent users. From now on, Renren video will respond to the “Regulations on the ecological governance of network information content” and relevant laws and regulations, immediately go offline to “watch” the relevant content, resolutely deal with the problem content, and strictly deal with the account number and illegal content with serious problems and bad influence.
German media: Xiaomi and German Telecom successfully realize 5g vonr call
Deutsche Telekom announced the successful implementation of 5g vonr calls with Xiaomi and other partners in Warsaw, Poland. This is also the world’s first 5g vonr call in an end-to-end multi vendor environment.

In the test, all parties carry out voice call and 5g data transmission simultaneously, which verifies the capability of 5g independent network of Deutsche Telekom. Xiaomi is the only Chinese enterprise participating in the important 5g network technology test in Europe.
Microsoft’s $16 billion acquisition of nuance, an AI company, has been approved by US antitrust authorities
Microsoft’s $16 billion acquisition of nuance has won U.S. antitrust approval, according to a filing filed with the securities and Exchange Commission on Friday by artificial intelligence and voice technology company nuance.
In April, Microsoft officially announced the $16 billion deal. Separately, a Microsoft spokesman said in a statement that the deal is under regulatory approval in other jurisdictions and is expected to be completed by the end of this year.
We media, which received a private letter from Tesla’s legal department, said: in case of cyber violence, everyone has the right to comment
We media “5000 year old rabbit”, one of the concerns of Tesla’s legal department, reflected that as early as May 29, he had already received a private letter from Tesla’s legal department that had not “added V” at that time. Tesla’s legal department accused the “5000 year old rabbit” of continuously publishing infringement content involving Tesla, and has filed a lawsuit with Beijing court.
In the early morning of June 4, the 5000 year old rabbit made a long article about the reasons why he paid attention to a series of events of Tesla and his experience and feelings after being sued.
“Rabbit of five thousand years” is an automobile quality engineer. Writing reports is a daily task, and has been attacked by a large number of netizens. Everyone has the right to comment.
Apple shares the latest data: the installation rate of IOS 14 has reached 90%
According to the latest IOS 14 installation rate data shared by apple, 90% of the iPhones launched in the past four years have installed IOS 14.
In addition, of the iPhones launched in the past four years, 8% run IOS 13, while 2% continue to run earlier versions of IOS.
Semiconductor giant outbreak of cluster infection, forced to shut down! The tide of core shortage and price rise
In June 4th, Jingyuan electronics, a semiconductor seal testing giant, suddenly announced that COVID-19’s production line had been shut down for 48 hours due to the start of the day at 19:20. Novel coronavirus pneumonia occurred in nearly 3 days, as the group of infectious diseases occurred in the southern bamboo factory area of Beijing electronics company. Nearly 45 days later, the infection of new crown pneumonia was confirmed.
In the global semiconductor industry chain, Jingyuan electronics is the largest professional testing enterprise. It is worrying whether the sudden shutdown will make the global “core shortage” worse.
Apple employees refused to return to work in early September and wrote to cook complaining that the appeal was ignored
Tim Cook, Apple’s chief executive, recently sent a letter to all employees asking them to return to work in early September and return to the office three days a week. However, Apple employees do not seem to be buying up. They not only resist the new policy, but even write to cook, hoping to implement a more flexible way of working and complaining that their demands are ignored.
Boss direct employment update prospectus: raise about $1 billion, valuation of more than $8 billion
Boss directly engaged to the securities and Exchange Commission to update the prospectus. According to the prospectus, the company expects to issue 48 million ADSS to the public, with a price range of $17-19 per ads, raising about $1 billion and a valuation of more than $8 billion.
The intended investors of this public offering include UBS, am, GIC, Mubadala, Sequoia and tiger global.
The admission of well-known investment institutions means that the global capital market and investors are highly optimistic about the fast-growing Chinese talent service market, the vast Chinese SME Service market, the new recruitment platform of boss direct employment and the direct employment mode composed of “mobile + Intelligent Matching + direct chat”.