Tesla’s orders in China were cut in May; Apple 13 does not support fingerprint under screen


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1. Wechat Windows version will support brushing friends circle;
2. Tesla’s orders from China fell by half in May;
3. The United States has put 59 Chinese enterprises on the “blacklist” of investment;
4. IPhone 13 does not support fingerprint identification technology under screen;
5. Tesla will test model 3 in India in August;
SpaceX launched the water bear and squid to the space station.
“Xi Da Pu Ben”! Wechat Windows version will support circle of friends
Recently, some netizens revealed that they have supported browsing wechat circle of friends on the latest beta version of windows wechat. In response, wechat said that the new version of PC is in the gray scale and will be officially released in the near future.
From the content of the disclosure, a new circle of friends icon was added in the left border of the latest beta windows wechat page; After clicking the icon, a new circle of friends page will be opened. The layout of this page is similar to that of wechat circle of friends on mobile phone. It is in the form of information flow and supports comments and likes, but does not support publishing circle of friends.
Before that, wechat launched a Mac version supporting the function of browsing circle of friends in March this year. Recently, wechat Mac version 3.1.0 internal test supports publishing circle of friends and browsing circle of friends album.
According to the news, Tesla ordered 9800 units in China in May, which is almost a half of what it ordered in April
On June 4, according to a foreign media report citing internal data, Tesla’s car orders in China in May decreased by nearly half compared with April. According to the report, Tesla’s monthly net orders in China fell from more than 18000 in April to about 9800 in May. This week, Tesla has announced three recalls involving nearly 14000 vehicles.
At the same time, the Tesla rights incident has not subsided. Yesterday, Tesla rights female car owner disclosed the data 30 minutes before the accident for the first time. She thought that many parameters were missing, such as motor torque and brake pedal displacement. After suing Tesla for the right of reputation, she will continue to appeal against Tesla’s claim to provide complete data.
The United States has listed 59 Chinese enterprises on the “blacklist” of investment. The foreign ministry firmly opposes it
On June 4, foreign ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin presided over a regular press conference. A reporter asked: US President Biden signed an executive order on the 3rd to put 59 Chinese enterprises on the “blacklist” of investment and prohibit us enterprises from investing or trading with these companies. What is China’s response to this?
Wang Wenbin said that the US government has generalized the concept of national security, abused the power of the state and tried every means to suppress and restrict Chinese enterprises. China firmly opposes this. The relevant actions of the US side violate market rules and destroy market rules and order, damaging not only the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese enterprises, but also the interests of global investors, including US investors.
LETV has been executed another 370 million yuan, and more than 1.6 billion yuan has been executed in the year. It has also been fined for fire fighting facilities not being in good condition
On June 4, according to tianyancha app, recently, LETV information technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd., the main operator of LETV, added a new information about the person to be executed, with the object of execution of about 371 million yuan. The enforcement court is the Beijing third intermediate people’s court.
It is reported that the cause of the case involved in the execution of 371 million yuan is related domestic non foreign arbitration awards made by Shenzhen CICC Qianhai Bole No.3 fund center (limited partnership), LETV information technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. and Beijing Pengyi Asset Management Center (limited partnership).
In addition, AI Financial Society learned that since 2021, LETV has been implemented 13 times, with a total amount of 1.65 billion yuan. Interestingly, on February 10, LETV was also punished by the Beijing fire rescue Corps for failing to keep fire-fighting facilities in good condition and effective.
IPhone 13 series will be released on September 14
Although the iPhone 13 series has leaked a lot of upgrade information, including battery capacity, more powerful A15 processor and fully enhanced photo taking function, many people are concerned about fingerprint unlocking under the screen.
According to Foxconn employees’ latest disclosure in the post bar, this year’s iPhone 13 series has 100% no touch ID function under the screen, and there are not many user perceivable upgrades.
At the same time, in terms of the official release time, there is the mystery of the latest exposure of the rendering. It seems that we should meet on September 14, which is more consistent with the previous report that it appeared in the third week of September.
March into India! Tesla will test model 3 in India in August
According to the news on June 4, Tesla said that it will introduce model 3 into India for testing between July and August. Meanwhile, Tesla is carrying out some back-end debugging in order to officially launch model 3 into the Indian market by the end of 2021.
In addition, Tesla is considering providing franchise rights for after-sales service stores in India, and plans to set up exhibition halls in three to four major Indian cities, including Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi.
Tesla has established its first plant in Shanghai, in addition to the United States, and now dominates sales of high-end electric vehicles in China. Electric vehicles account for about 6% of China’s annual car sales, compared with less than 1% in India, according to the data from Bloomberg.
Interview sheet asking about women’s birth plan? Paopaomart apologizes: attach great importance to and actively improve
Recently, a netizen disclosed that “the interview form of bubble Mart Company directly asks whether there is a family planning in the near future, and it is only for women.”.
According to the photos provided by the netizen, there is an item in the interview form with the information of “whether there is a family planning in the near future (for women only), and it is required to fill in the planning time.”
In this regard, bubble Mart issued a statement apologizing, and said “attaches great importance to and actively improve.”.
Unified statement! Huawei internal notification specification harmonyos communication caliber
On June 4, Huawei announced the notice on standardizing communication caliber of harmony OS issued by Xu Zhijun. The notice explained that the lack of standardized expression and unified caliber of “Hongmeng operating system” led to inconsistent internal understanding and external statements, which easily led to confusion.

Xu Zhijun said that Hongmeng operating system is a new and independent intelligent terminal operating system developed by Huawei for the era of Internet of things, providing a unified language for the intelligence, interconnection and collaboration of different devices.
Hongmeng operating system is a set of operating system that can meet the needs of large and small devices. It can realize the integration of devices at the system level, form a super terminal, and realize hardware mutual assistance and resource sharing between devices. For developers, one-time development and multi terminal deployment can also be realized.
“Koi” hundred million yuan award after self exposure, now depressed netizens point out that they sell miserable letter xiaodai: don’t want to be disturbed again
On June 4, Xin xiaodai told the surging news that if there was no disturbance from the rampant bombing, “I’m really good.”. She said she did not want the media and others to disturb her life.
The news of the surging news noted that the letter was released in June 1st by the self titled video of the same name, and tiktok shared the experience and changes in the prize he had dubbed “value one hundred million”. She said that she quit her job to play, spent more than 200000 yuan, was blocked in finding a new job, and was diagnosed with depression.
In response to netizens’ query that xinxiaodai was selling miserably and hyping, xinxiaodai said when talking to surging news reporters, “I’m in a good condition all the time, but I don’t want to be interviewed. My own situation has been tiktok, and I have already expressed it, and the rest will not respond more.
It is said that Apple will release the new iPad pro and ipad Mini later this year
Apple plans to launch its new iPad Pro next year and its new ipad Mini later this year.
News said that Qualcomm is going all out: snapdragon 888 upgrade performance wants to challenge Apple M1
According to foreign media reports, Qualcomm is preparing a 4nm snapdragon processor, which can be seen as an upgraded version of snapdragon 888, and its performance will challenge Apple M1.
Evan Blass (@ evleaks), a well-known informant, shared more details. “The sm8450 is Qualcomm’s next generation high-end SOC, which integrates the snapdragon x655g baseband and and will be manufactured in a 4nm process,” he said.
Compared with the current generation of snapdragon 888, the new generation of Qualcomm’s flagship SOC also brings the upgraded snapdragon x655g module (supporting millimeter wave and below 6GHz band).
SpaceX sent 5000 water bears and 128 luminous squid to the space station
On June 4, SpaceX’s Longfei ship was launched at 1:29 Beijing time on June 4 at Kennedy Space Center, Florida, and went to the international space station to complete the 17th replenishment mission of Falcon 9 rocket this year and the 22nd replenishment mission ordered by NASA, as well as 86 successful recovery of Falcon stage I.
It home learned that the total weight of the Dragon spacecraft is more than 7300 pounds (3311 kg), including many scientific experiments and space station hardware, especially two new solar panels.
In addition, 5000 water bears and 128 glowing squid will be included in the supplies. The scientific research tasks to be carried out on the space station include studying how water bears adapt to the space environment, whether microgravity will affect symbiosis, and analyzing the formation of kidney stones.