Today’s in-depth selection Tsinghua unconventional admission of virtual female students; Is Hongmeng an Android shell?


Today’s focus:
Newcomer: the most special student of Tsinghua University is here;
2. Focus on: the reality of Ningde era;
3 outbreak: the emerging chip market driven by “chip panic”;
Question: is Hongmeng an Android shell?
5 Analysis: why China and Germany love to split the Internet;
Newcomer: here comes the most special student in Tsinghua
Her name is Hua Zhibing. She has never taken any entrance examination or won any competition. However, he was admitted by the Knowledge Engineering Laboratory of the Department of computer science and technology of Tsinghua University.
Moreover, for such a student, three units (research institutes and enterprises) have to work together to train them.
Just because the intelligence quotient is too superior and the ability is too strong. As soon as Hua Zhibing was born, he could paint and write poems. After a period of training, I can still make music! Maybe you’ve found out. Hua Zhibing, she is not a human being: she is the first original virtual student in China. Yes, her lifelike face is also synthetic.
Reality in Ningde Era
There are some differences between Ningde era and other trillions of club members. The most intuitive manifestation is that there are unequal valuation and operation data. By 2020, there will be only over 50.3 billion revenue.
Only 50 billion of the revenue has set up trillions of market capitalization, even lower than the Kwai Fu known for its “bubble” – its annual income of 58 billion 776 million yuan in 2020.
Without enough income, we can’t support enough profit, and without enough profit, we can’t support enough market value. However, in Ningde era, there are exceptions. More than 100 times its earnings is often shouted cannot read, and is often used as evidence of “bubbles”.
Emerging chip market driven by “chip panic”
“Chip panic” continues to spread. More than 100 days have passed since the chip outage in December last year, great changes have quietly taken place in the domestic automotive chip industry, which has also led to a series of chain reactions.
As a result of the shortage, chip prices rose more than 20 times from the ground up, making many auto purchasing departments directly use cash to find goods.
On the other hand, with the rapid development of the smart car market, the domestic automatic driving chip manufacturers are becoming more and more mature.
In the past two or three years, it has returned to the “chip hot” investment circle, which has tightened the pace of investment in the field of automotive chips, and many enterprises have obtained large amount of financing continuously.
Is Hongmeng an Android shell? Is it a self-developed domestic system? One article answers all your puzzles
Although both Hongmeng and Android are developed on the basis of Linux, their starting ideas are different. Hongmeng operating system is the product of today’s powerful Internet. From the very beginning, Huawei has planned to apply it to a series of intelligent electronic devices such as mobile phones, computers and tablets.
The difference of the original design concept directly affects the layout of the overall framework. Hongmeng uses microkernel, while Android is a macro kernel. Compared with Android’s macro kernel, Hongmeng’s microkernel is more secure, and various modules can be freely added to the microkernel, while the scope of free modification in the macro kernel is very small.
No matter about the design concept or kernel application, they are totally different, so when the key factors of the two are completely different, how can we say that they are the same thing.
The crossroads of Chinese and American Internet companies: separation or dominance?
Jingdong group split Jingdong Logistics, baidu announced the split of Xiaodu technology independent financing development, Netease split cloud music seeking IPO in Hong Kong stock, even Shunfeng also spread the news of split city business.
China’s technology Internet enterprises are ushering in a wave of sub business split upsurge, which is a visible fact.
Interestingly, the American counterparts represented by faang still keep the pace of M & A. in the words of Mr. Buffett, these enterprises are on the road of snowballing, seeking to make the snowway wetter and longer.
So the question is, where does this difference come from?